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Flowers for High School: Flowers for Each Phase of High School

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Highschool? It can be tough! Certainly not a bed of roses ( pun intended! ). But the toughness has levels to it, phases. Each phase is based off on what mood we go through during each one. The four years bring about many emotions, feelings and a whole bunch of memories. Your level of hate or maybe fondness even simply depends on which phase you’re going through. So whether you  are a high school senior or a soon-to-be sophomore, here’re the different episodes of highschool explained in terms of flowers:

Stage 1: Violets –  Freshman year

The flower is traditionally associated with shyness. The phrase “shrinking violet” contains this feel to explain a shy person. Because the violet grows low on the ground, and the flowers “hide” beneath the leaves, the plant is associated with shyness.  Why I chose this specific one you may ask? Well, the first year, for many people, is spent mostly in building your right image, the first impression. Since you’re in a new place, a new fish in a huge pond, you’re a little tucked up in your shell at first. Obviously, you’re excited to transition from middle school to a greater level but at the same time, you’re a little scared and sheepish of the new teachers, the new faces and obviously the new challenges. With the student body bigger, the academics a little tougher and the expectations a little higher, you’re bound to be timid, that’s just natural. But remember, you’ve got millions of opportunities coming your way, dozens of clubs you could be a part of and show off your talent. Make new friends, and just enjoy, you’ll mold in sooner than you think. 

Stage 2: Cactus flowers – Sophomore year

From violets to cacti? Seriously? Yes. It does go from the teachers baby-feeding you to them preparing you for your SAT’s or ACTs. The cactus flower is known to represent strength and endurance, something you’ll surely need during this time of high school. You’re no longer the juniors to all of high school, you now have to start taking this part of your life pretty seriously. Start thinking about college and preparing for it big-time. Just like the cactus flower, you’re now comfortable with your surroundings no matter how tough they might be. You’ve adapted to a great extent to this new environment. You’ll have your sweet sixteen this year and with your driver’s license in your hand, it’ll be more of a roller coaster ride. Your teachers will be preparing you to choose your careers and think seriously about your future, you’re most likely to be selecting the college you want, this year only. My advice? Just go with the flow! Don’t let the stress get on your nerves and take it easy, you’ll ace it.

Stage 3: Roses – Junior year

You’ve been through 9th and 10th. That’s huge! Now that you’re in your junior year, you’ll be feeling the adrenaline rush, the excitement, the nervousness, the fear, Basically it’s a mix of many emotions. That is the reason I’ve chosen roses this time, the flowers that exhibit a bunch of different emotions and feelings. By this time, you’ll probably be more comfortable than ever, you’ll have a group of different friends, you’ll get along with the teachers and all will feel fine to you. Well…fine until you have to appear for bigger tests and start listing colleges you’ll want to go to. You’ll be hyped up, stressed out and probably burdened too but hey, this time will pass. Don’t take it too easy but also don’t end up having breakdowns, this is not where your life ends. 

Stage 4: Periwinkles – Senior year

This is it! The last year… that was all to hell…have I picked it right? As likely as not! By now, you’ll be all teary-eyed over all the memories you’ve spent in this place. So I suppose periwinkles, flowers representing good memories, are the best ones for senior year. Obviously, there were bad times but right now only the good times will be surrounding your thoughts and you’ll be scared to death from the anticipation of what awaits you next. College sure is a big deal and you’re gonna fly away like birds from a nest. But hey, you’ll learn to fly and survive on your own. This year will go by so quickly, you won’t even notice and soon you’ll be off to do whatever life chose for you. So best of luck! You’ll need it 😉 

That’s a lot of talk on flowers. Really! Well, the new year’s coming so do You know what the best choice for new year’s flowers is? You gotta read this article to find out!

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