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Freelancing and monetization for students

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Freelancing and monetzation for students

Freelancing and monetizing new interest as a student is very good idea to learn and earn at any point of time in your life. It may while studying, working or traveling etc. Advantage of freelancing is you can work from anywhere in the world. The first most important step of freelancing for students is approaching the clients directly. Dont wait for the clients to find you. In freelancing dont wait for the things to happen, Just go and make it happen is the formula. Small businesses are initially keen to work with local vendors so it is imporatant to first work with the neighbourhood then explore things. Check sites like Eventbrite for local networking oppurtunities. Word of mouth is the best marketing tool in the world. Mouth to mouth marketing is the first best marketing. Portfolio sites like Behance and Arts Thread can bring in work, but probably you will get your first project through your contacts so ask them to spread the word.When a happy client signs off on a project, thank them for their business and ask if they’d consider writing a testimonial for your website. Will clients care that you’re a student? They might. Generally though, clients focus on what they’re getting for their money and what it’s actually like to work with you, not what you do the rest of the time – so make sure you’re professional, focused and enthusiastic. Be honest at all times. Describe your skill sets. Explain and impress what you do and not what you say. Dont say yes to each and everything what your client says.

Measure waht is the job requirement and evaluate is the work worthy.  In the beginning it’s tempting to say yes to every opportunity that comes along, but you have a limited amount of time in which to freelance. As a freelancer, relationships are essential. It takes more than good work to win repeat business. Take care over your communication with clients. Reply to emails promptly and professionally and avoid text-speak. Be honest about any problems or delays and do your best to solve them quickly. Remember to take business cards everywhere.

Even the most experienced freelancers can forget important tasks, so use a calendar, wall planner or task management app to keep track of what you need to do and when. Approach task management in a way that works for you. Keep things as simple as possible. Choose a system that makes things easier. It is imporatant to research on technology and networking. Registering with all freelancing apps will help you bring business. Sending invoices promptly will help in building business relationships. Dont hesitate to speak and discuss about payments. Be open minded and discuss whatever is necessary. As there are millions on internet users all over the world there is a lot of demand for skilled freelancers. You can earn from anywhere in the world.


For sure there will be money crunch with students who are still percieving their career. At this point if a student learns some sort of skills and if he offers freelancing services to the clients the student can earn without any boundaries and with that experience it will be easy for him to get job after graduation with experience.


Thank You.


Amit A

Email – [email protected]

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