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Get to Know More About a Computational Linguist

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Nowadays computers, mobile phones, and digital gadgets have taken over numerous tasks in our lives. Therefore, it has become necessary to communicate with these machines in a language that machines can handle and we can understand. Speech recognition (e.g., Siri), language translation (e.g Microsoft’s Bing, Google Translate), multilingual content creation, grammar checking, and many other tasks have been devised to help computers understand human requirements.

Computational Linguists teaches computers to understand and draw an inference from human language. Even most of the sophisticated computer can’t listen, speak, and comprehend the way people do. That’s where the role of Computational Linguist comes in. This emerging field has attracted various engineering students who aspire to opt for something challenging. Check How to Learn a New Language Quickly and Efficiently.

Job roles of Computational Linguist-

Linguist Natural Language Processing Research Engineer
Researcher Scientist Machine Learning Engineer
Software Engineer Linguistic Annotation Manager
Speech Scientist Natural Language Processing Manager
Computational Linguist Natural Language Processing Scientist
Voice Interaction Designer Software Researcher
Linguistic Engineer Language Modeling Researcher
Natural Language Processing Software Engineer


Companies such as Google, Microsoft, PARC, Adapx, VoiceBox Technologies, InQuira, Group Health and Amazon, Google, Facebook, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, H5, Bosch, Samsung, VoiceBox Technologies and Apple, have been involved in providing jobs to the computational linguists.

Work Profile-

Computational linguistics is an academic discipline that combines elements of linguistics, software engineering, artificial intelligence and electrical engineering. These elements help machines process human language and help linguists understand language through computer models. A computational linguist, therefore, works as a computer scientist, interpreter, linguist, translator, psychologist and a computer programmer, all rolled into one. In other words, computational linguists use natural language processing and programming to teach computers processing and production of human languages. They also provide linguistic rules for various natural language processing tasks.


To become a computational linguist a person requires work experience in computer programming, data analysis, and software development. Knowledge of all of these elements help him to develop a solid background in this field.

Therefore, every student who aspires to become a computational linguist should try looking out for an engineering college that can help him get the practical exposure. Every student should look out for the best private engineering colleges. These colleges should have an atmosphere which is not only confined to theoretical learning but they also produce employable engineers.

So, the ones who have the ability to visualize complex processes and solve complex problems are ideally suitable for a career in this exciting field of language. These students can look ahead to a challenging and rewarding career in the field of artificial intelligence. Read How To Improve Vocabulary And Spoken English.

Imagine helping a computer talk, translate languages, transcribe interviews! Or helping a vision-impaired child do her homework by reading the contents of a web page. This could be the dream come true for the engineers. Isn’t it?

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