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Getting high marks in ICSE examination for good students

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You may have got the news that ICSE students are getting more than 95% in the board examinations. And you have wondered how they are getting that. Well, if you follow these smart and simple techniques, success will be knocking at your door in the ICSE board exams.

Know the syllabus well: ICSE is one of the prestigious educational boards in India and it has good syllabus for growing the knowledge of students. For example, take the subject mathematics. Follow the sections such as Trigonometry, Statistics, Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration, Commercial Mathematics, Probability, etc. Know the theories and formula for each chapter. Understand the examples or worked out sums and find our smart logic in solving them. The experienced teachers of best  schools in Bangalore help students to clear their doubts and subject specific fears. Similarly study subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology as per the syllabus.

Use common sense: Sometimes, the text books may not be enough to get subject-specific knowledge. Use common sense to decide what additional things are required and take help from reference books. Prepare your own notes by combining class notes, main text books and reference books. Also, prepare notes by understanding ICSE question pattern. Only those students will excel in the exam who have their basic concepts clear and apply common sense in learning.

Start early in the year: Study daily/regularly. Invest time for studying each subject. If you do that then the last minute pressure won’t be there. You will have lots of time for revision and final preparation. Specially, study the most difficult chapters throughout the year.

Appropriate or to-the-point answers: In the exams of other boards, marks are given for attending the questions or for partially correct answers. ICSE board’s evaluation is really strict compared to that. Full marks are given only when the answers are really correct and contain the right terms or phrases that examiners seek in your contents.

Study in best schools: Always study in those schools that have best faculty and past history of ICSE examinations’ success. If you are from Bangalore, you will be in a better position to excel in ICSE exam as schools like, Greenwood High are located here. Greenwood High is one of the best ICSE schools in Bangalore. The schools teachers are really good in giving you smart tips about scoring high marks in the exams. So, studying at a good school is a sure shot to success at ICSE board exams.

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