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Give Your Child The Best Math Education From An Early Age

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Mathematics is a life skill, and as a parent, you must ensure that your child gains a strong foundation of the subject from a very young age. Unfortunately, Math is a subject that many children are afraid of, due to the uninteresting and bookish way in which it is taught in most schools.

The best way to ensure that your child can overcome this problem is to provide after-school support to the child from an experienced teacher who will be able to teach Math to him/her in an interesting and effective way.

However, with so many options available, how do you choose the right tuition option for your child? Let us discuss the options and understand the benefits and drawbacks of each so that the choice becomes easy for you.

There are broadly two types of after-school interventions available to you: Tuition and Home Tuition.

  1. Tuition:

A tuition is where several students are guided by a tutorial teacher in a group. It is almost like a school, since there are many students learning together. There is a lot of scope for interaction among students in these tuition classes and a good tutor encourages healthy competition among them. The tutor acts more like a coach who pays personalized attention to each student and fulfills their individual learning requirements by providing them guidance, demonstrations and individual hand-holding, whenever required.

The benefits of studying in a Tuition are:

Students get exposed to new styles of learning Mathematics and they learn to look at things in many ways.

Students learn many different things as they interact with other fellow students and learn the importance of cooperation.

The tutor reinforces and enhances the knowledge that they have acquired in school and makes them confident about applying them independently.

But there are a few downsides of this option that need to be kept in mind:

Since many children study in groups in a tuition, they might not always receive the adequate attention that they need. This may cause them to lose interest in learning Mathematics and develop a fear for it. However, skilled tutors keep this in mind and conduct extra classes for the weak students to help them to cope up with the rest of the students.

If the tuition centre is far away from where the child lives, then the child needs to travel there. This makes the child tired. Also, the parents need to drop them at these tutorials. This becomes inconvenient for both the students and their parents. Finding a local tuition centre easily solves this problem.

Students often dislike going for a tuition as they find the environment of the centre to be alien and as a result, intimidating.

The attention spans of young children are generally short, and they get easily distracted in the presence of other children in a tuition centre. The teacher must be well trained and experienced to handle the students tactfully.

  1. Home Tuition:

In the case of home tuition, a private teacher comes and teaches the child at his/her home. Here, the home tutor pays undivided attention to the child and the lessons are taught in a personalized way.

The advantages of Home Tuition are:

In a home tuition, the child studies alone in the presence of the tutor. Therefore, he/she can concentrate better without feeling distracted.

Over a period, the teacher and the student get to know each other well and develop a good rapport. This enables the teacher to deliver the Math lessons in a better way and reinforce the areas in which the child is weak.

The child studies with a relaxed mind and does not feel shy to express the doubts that he/she might be having. This makes it easier for the home tutor to respond to the child’s needs in a better way and give timely interventions.

There are quite a few disadvantages of home tuition as well.

  • Since the child is taught privately, the tuition fees of a home tutor tend to be more than what a tutorial teacher will charge.

A home tutor might schedule classes as per his/her convenience, which might be a problem for the child as he/she will not have a fixed time of studying.

Good private teachers are always in shortage. Hence the options available to parents are not many.

Which one is right for your child?

Now that we have discussed the pros and cons of both, what if I tell you that there is a path breaking Math learning program available to you, which combines the best of both while keeping the disadvantages away?

This program is called Cuemath. It has been developed by educationists and Mathematicians with one single objective: To make your child fall in love with Mathematics

The salient features of this program are:

  • The Cuemath teachers are highly experienced educationists who love math and have been specially trained by Cuemath to make your child fall in love with math too.
  • There are thousands of Cuemath centres in every nook and corner of India. Your child can enrol in one in your locality and the need to travel is eliminated.
  • The average Cuemath centre is a homely and happy place with highly enthusiastic students trying to grasp and apply the math concepts using the worksheets, tab-based exercises, Cue-cards and activities specially developed by Cuemath. Your child will love to go there and never feel intimidated in any way.
  • The Cuemath classes have a ratio of 6:1. This small batch size enables the Cuemath teachers to pay individual attention to each child and cater to each of their requirements perfectly

So, instead of wondering, “Where do I find tuition near me?”, find a Cuemath centre in your locality and enrol your child there. Cuemath Tuition Center available in top city including New Delhi,Mumbai,Bangalore,Chennai,Pune,Hydrabad etc. Once your child becomes a part of the Cuemath program, he/she will understand the logic and inner meaning of every Math topic and become a master of Math whom you will feel proud of.

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