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Going to a summer school does much good for aspiring students of medical science

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For many years summer schools have been in existence although its form has evolved to suit the needs of the time. You will come across many types of summer schools that have varied purposes. One thing is in common that the programs are short term, about two weeks duration, and as the name indicates, conducted during the summer months especially the summer vacation. There is one more thing in common that the curriculum of all summer schools. It is short academic programs where a person can study the subject of their choice while gaining valuable insights about the discipline and how it is likely to unfold if they want to take it up as a career. For example, high school students who wish to gather information about studying medical science and judge their suitability to take it up as a career can benefit by joining a medical summer school.

The high school days never allow students to know what lies ahead when they plan to take up any discipline for higher studies and want to make a career out of it. They only gather the basic knowledge about various disciplines, which gives an overview but not enough understanding about how they must prepare or what qualities and traits they must have to pursue the chosen discipline for studying in college successfully. And this is where summer schools play a vital role in helping students to make a career decision.

Bridging the gap

From the above, one thing that becomes clear is that there is a considerable gap between the kind of information that students must have when deciding their career path and what is available to them in school. The ideas that they build during their days in school seldom have little connection to reality, and they start building castles in the air, which can have very disastrous results during career selection.
Summer schools perfectly bridge the gap by offering academic programs tailor-made for students of various disciplines so that they get authentic information about the life that awaits them. Whether or not to choose a career in medical studies is a tough call for students because the discipline is not included in the school curriculum, and they hardly know anything about it except that they could become doctors and have a lucrative career with the promise of prosperity. Summer schools offer two-week programs in medical studies that teach you about a broader range of medical concepts and then allow you to apply the knowledge through practical classes.

In-depth knowledge and information

A typical program of medical studies consists of imparting the necessary knowledge, which are the building blocks of medical education, and extend up to the advanced concepts of treatment of complex diseases and medical conditions. Besides familiarising with the human body and the diagnosing techniques, the course allows students to have hands-on experience in using medical devices and implements like measuring blood pressure, how to suture and perform dissections and discuss the career options that await aspiring graduates in medicine. It is a great opportunity not only to learn about the chosen subject but also meet many inspirational people that can go a long way to make the right choice.

An Exposure to the world of medical science

During the high school days, students cannot comprehend what it means to study medicine and medical science, and going to a summer school gives them extensive exposure to the world of medical science. The course covers topics related to the subject ranging from the study to human anatomy to the diseases and the drugs, including how medicines reach the patient bedside from the laboratory. You will gather valuable insights about the work going on in the area of medical research, learn the use of emergency medicine processes adapted by clinical medics, and debate medical ethics. At the end of the course, a whole new world opens before you, and you can use the information gathered to decide if studying Medicine could be your cup of tea.

Residential program

The summer schools run by Cambridge University are residential programs that allow you to have a taste of college life by living on the campus of one of the colleges of the university that conducts the course. While staying and studying, you can get a measure of how it could turn out for you to study Medicine at a higher level. Since summer schools enroll international students, you can interact with many people from around the world, which stimulates your experience and thoughts through the exchange of ideas. In addition to intensive classes, there are ample opportunities for extracurricular activities and social mixing, which enriches your experience.
The course helps to develop a social understanding and improves the social skills that turn you into a more confident person who should now be able to take the most crucial decision of life with conviction.

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