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Green Motorbike Maintenance Tips for The College Goers of Today

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No matter which motorbike you own, whether its a used or new, big or small. For nature-friendly individuals health of the environment is always important than anything else. So if you are one of them then you have landed on the right page. This article presents a few of the preventive motorbike maintenance tips. Quite hopefully, these will make it as “green” or environmentally friendly, as possible. Furthermore, your dearly owned vehicle can drive you crazy if you don’t handle it carefully.

So, let’s explore more!

Avoid Overly Aggressive Driving

Do you often accelerate your motorbike or apply brakes for no reason? If it is so, then you are unnecessarily burning the excessive fuel. You also are causing damage to your vehicle’s engine and transmission system. This habit can also be attributed to destructive driving. Along with increasing pollution, driving habits such as these deteriorate the functioning of your motorbike as well.

Dispose of Oil with Care

You may often change your vehicle’s oil at home instead of getting it changed at a repair shop. As a result, you should make sure that you dispose of it properly. Because dumping it into drains or in other water sources may pose a risk to the environment.

Do not Overload the Vehicle

Loading your vehicle with extra burden can cause it to work harder. This may result in the burning of more fuel than usual. So it is always recommended to remove the extra weight from your vehicle instead of carrying it for no reason. Doing so will help you save your money as well as the fuel.

Make Use of Synthetic Motor Oils

Another way to make your motorbike go green is to make use of synthetic oils. These oils last longer and do not require any supplements of petroleum. Thus, you must avoid using any substance like petroleum products, that require millions of years for their formation. Furthermore, these are hard to be found. Also, synthetic oils do not comprise of any complex chemical substances that need higher temperatures for their decomposition. And these oils can be easily found in the market with the composition of energy conservative elements.

Timely Engine Repair and Maintenance

One of the best ways to reduce the emissions from your vehicle is to follow the manufacturer’s manual. The manual has guiding tips for carrying out any sort of repair and maintenance service.  Additionally, you should also try to operate the engine at its prime with properly placed spark plugs. This can help in improving the overall fuel efficiency by 30%. So don’t ignore going green for your motorbike repair this time.

Keep an Eye on Emissions

Checking your motorbike’s emission control system regularly can help you save a lot. If you encounter any type of warning, then it’s the time to get your emission control system serviced.

Fortunately, by following these steps, a green freak can keep his/her motorbike moving in the environments direction without having to give it a second thought.

However, if your motorbike has run down and is no more able to function in an environment-friendly manner then selling it for a fair price is a legitimate option. Also, if you are residing in UAE then you need not run all around to sell your old vehicles like motorbikes and cars. With cash your car UAE, you can sell your old motorbike and car and get an instant and fair price. Sell any of your cars in Dubai fast today.

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