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How many of you ever tried writing a “statement of purpose”? Was it purposefully written only for the sole reason of getting admission in the institute of your dreams? And how much of honesty did you actually state in it and do you honestly think that’s good enough to secure your position there? If you ever came across such questions then here are some few tips to spice up your SOP without cooking up the “statements” and keeping alive the “purpose”.

Since SOP in general doesn’t really have a specific format (unless it’s prescribed by the institute itself) this is how you start:

Name- your original name as on the certificates that you are going to produce for (not your social media user name or what your friends/parents might call you with)

Institution- Wherever you are applying

Date of submission- whenever is the last date obviously

Statement of purpose (the purpose of which is still unknown though)

In most cases the institutes ask you to wind it up within 1000 words means around 100 lines of 10 words each (approx.), the more busier institutes will ask for shorter SOPs while the more jobless ones would want a more elaborate one because obviously they don’t have anything better to do than going through the applicant’s SOPs all day long. In fact come to think of that may be the only source of entertainment for some of them (sad but true). Anyways,  first things first, this is where you finish your first two lines of SOP, and to be frank these two lines are probably the only two lines that most of institutions will ever read. These would be the most honest, true and authentic part of your SOP, the real reason why you want to pursue the course but in complicated, heavy duty and sophisticated sounding words. Here’s an example; once I asked one of my friends what he was doing that night over a text message to which he replied “Aqua-thermal treatment of ceramic and metallic containers in a constrained environment”. After a brief second of a traumatizing shock, I gathered myself up back again and asked him to send a picture of whatever procedure he was performing (just out of curiosity). To which, he sent me a picture of himself in his kitchen washing dishes! Yes, that’s the beauty of language. Impressive isn’t it?

Anyways, now that your main purpose is already stated, you can start talking about your background which frankly no one cares about. Obviously you don’t have to give your detailed biography (even if you want to). But this is the part of your SOP where you start cooking up things like what all you did in your childhood days, previous birth etc. And how you evolved (survived) through your school/college /present life and how many mountains you mowed during this phase. Doesn’t matter what you are doing at present, just do not mention how screwed up your life is right now, because that section is yet to come in the next few paragraphs.


If you are writing your SOP for post graduate courses then it is simply incomplete without the biggest penance of your (academic) life, your Thesis/Dissertation.  And yes, this is where you start talking about your paradigm shifting awesomeness. You don’t need to explain the whole story as in what all you expected and what all you finally ended up doing in it or how hard you tried and how many times you failed etc. Just say what you did in short and if there’s anything that inspired you about doing this then mention that or if doing this itself was an inspiration for you to carry your life ahead in the same path, because most of the time, these are the kind of things that triggers random trains of thoughts which might eventually pass through your destination, you never know. Moreover the quality of the work done for Thesis/Dissertation says a lot about your personality (and the handicaps offered by your department). Do try to link these works with the “purpose” for your SOP. Even if your topics of the projects aren’t completely related to the field you are applying for, try and highlight the areas within your projects which are, and try explaining this part of your SOP based on that perspective.

After you’ve explained how pathetic your Thesis and/or Dissertatio
n was, it’s time to talk about your work experience and by which I mean about the offices you might have worked in (if you did anything like that). Just remember anything and everything u did, whether good or bad, counts as an experience unless you are able to relate everything to a level so that all of the above makes sense. So just mention how many firms you’ve been kicked out for what all reasons within what duration of time. This’ll tell the institute exactly when and how to kick you out after you get admission (if you get that in first place). But again be careful of the words you choose, because if you say that you have experience of working in 12 different offices within a span of one year, then it also means that you couldn’t survive in one place for more than a month (or the offices couldn’t stand because you of the mess you created there). Or maybe you can just admit that this constant cycle of getting your ass kicked from different offices finally made you decide upon trying something different and that’s why now you want to get your ass kicked by specifically the institute of your choice. Whichever sounds better!

Last but not the least; you need to state about your future plans. Now this might be different for different people and can range from the typical Govt. job, well settled life, hot wife etc. to trying to take over the world with an apocalypse. Just make sure that it doesn’t sound very dark and scary in fact make it sound a little glamorous, try to bedazzle them so that they consider you as a hardcore visionary in the field. You don’t need to make them tremble before you with the kind of your vision, but something that deserves a little recognition or respect should do.

Now this is where you conclude your SOP, and unlike the previous parts where you went on blabbering about your supercalifragilisticexpialidocious contributions to mankind and how you are the embodiment of sheer awesomeness, you need to eventually give them a chance to feel the same about themselves too. So tell them that you did shit loads of researches (in your head) about this and you finally chose dis particular option out of the million other (imaginary) options you had, which you rejected just to get in dis “esteemed” institution because of this one (or more) specific reason(s). Don’t mention anything that might get you in trouble (like the fees or the fact that you have contacts there). Equipped with this knowledge of limitless badassery, you are ready to sugarcoat your SOP now, so get on with it. Good luck!



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