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How Can I Study Smart for JEE 2020 Mains?

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Cracking Joint Entrance Examination Main is your gateway to some of the best engineering colleges such as IIITs, NITs and other prestigious institutes of India. These top engineering colleges are the dream destination for engineering aspirants. Now that the JEE Main 2020 is approaching, naturally, it is a big question for all aspirants how to crack the examination. Hence, to provide a deep insight into cracking of JEE Main 2020, this article would reflect on some important information such as smart study techniques, JEE Main exam pattern, syllabus, the best books and some preparation tips for all students.

JEE Main 2020

The exam will be conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) in two sessions next year; one of the sessions will be held in January and the other in April. All students are well aware that the best of the two scores are to be considered during admission for B.Tech or B.Arch. All those students who are planning to appear in the exam in the April session still have ample time to prepare. But all those who wish to appear in the January session have only four months from now to prepare themselves for the greatest opportunity. Hence, the need of the hour for these students is that they should study smart rather than sitting with books all day and the outcome being insignificant. Smart studying does not mean studying some parts of the syllabus and leaving the rest. Rather it means, studying the entire syllabus but with a more systematic manner giving priority to the examination question patters and through effective time management. Students must foremost complete the JEE Main Syllabus before moving towards the revision of entire topics and practicing previous year test papers.

JEE Main Preparation: Strategic Planning

It is advisable to students that they should start preparing for JEE Main 2020 examination along with that of their board exams. Most importantly, students should first chalk out a preparation plan. Often there are questions in their minds like how long to study each day and what topics to cover first, etc. No strategy for preparation will work unless they have clarity on the whole process for the upcoming four months.

Firstly, the JEE Main 2020 syllabus needs to be sorted in such a way that all topics are covered in time and there is enough time for revision because revision is all that matters to revive your memory. While creating a timetable, students should note that they have to cover the entire syllabus and then start attempting some mock tests. Now that the first session exam is knocking at the door, let us assume that most of the syllabus has been successfully covered by all students and only one more month can be spared in studying some more topics. The last three months should be fully dedicated to revision through mock tests and attempting previous year test papers. This will enhance accuracy on soling actual JEE Main 2020 question papers.

JEE Main Preparation Topics

Once students have covered the whole syllabus for JEE Main 2020, they should focus on some important topics that have a higher weight in the exam question paper. This increases their chances of scoring higher marks.

JEE Main Important Topics for Physics

Class XI TopicsClass XII Topics
Physics & Measurement,
Laws of motionCurrent Electricity
Work Energy and PowerMagnetic Effects of Current & Magnetism
Rotational MotionElectromagnetic Induction & Alternating current
GravitationElectromagnetic Waves
Properties of Solids and LiquidsOptics
Oscillations and WavesAtoms & Nuclei
Dual Nature of Matter & RadiationDual Nature of Matter & Radiation
Kinetic theory of GasesKinetic theory of Gases


JEE Main Important Topics for Mathematics

Class XI TopicsClass XII Topics
Complex Numbers and Quadratic EquationsSets, Relations, and Functions
Sequences and SeriesTrigonometry
Permutations & CombinationsPermutations & Combinations
Matrices and DeterminantsMatrices & Determinants
Binomial Theorem and its Simple ApplicationsBinomial Theorem & Simple Applications
Statistics & ProbabilityStatistics and Probability
Limit, continuity, and DifferentiabilityThree Dimensional Geometry
Coordinate GeometryIntegral  Calculus
Mathematical InductionDifferential Equations
Limit, continuity & DifferentiabilityThree Dimensional Geometry


JEE Main Important Topics for Chemistry

Class XI TopicsClass XII Topics
Some Basic Concepts in ChemistrySolutions
Atomic StructureRedox Reaction and Electrochemistry
Classification of Elements and Periodic tableStates of Matter
Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureChemical Kinetics
States of MatterSurface Chemistry
Chemical ThermodynamicsGeneral Principle and the Process of Isolation of Metals
Equilibriumd – and f – Block Elements
S – Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals)Coordination Compound
Some Basic Principles of Organic ChemistryOrganic Compounds Containing Halogens
Environmental ChemistryOrganic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Principles Related to Practical ChemistryPolymers, Biomolecules, Chemistry in Everyday Life

Books for JEE Main 2020

An effective preparation plan for JEE Main 2020 is incomplete without the right choice of books. Take a look at the following list of best books for JEE Main 2020.

Best books for JEE Main physics



Mechanics Part 1 & 2

D.C. Pandey

Understanding Physics for JEE Main & JEE Advanced Waves & Thermodynamics
Understanding Physics Electricity Magnetism

Best books for JEE Main chemistry

Organic ChemistryMorrison & Boyd/ Solomon and Fryhle
A Guide to Mechanism in Organic ChemistryPeter Sykes
Concise Inorganic ChemistryJ.D. Lee
Text Books for Inorganic Chemistry for CompetitionsO.P. Tondon

Best books for JEE Main mathematics 

Differential Calculus for IIT-JEEAmit Agarwal
Integral Calculus for IIT-JEE
Calculus and Analytical GeometryThomas and Finney
Problems in Calculus of One VariableI.A. Maron

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