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How co-browsing is changing the face of education

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The education system is making progress at a rapid pace resulting to a newer approach co-browsing, we tell you how. Through a consistently growing trend, the number of U.S. students who study online exceeded 5.8 million in 2015. This takes education to a whole new level of efficiency. However, the trend also imposes some challenges.

It’s difficult for online learning programs to completely substitute the traditional educational system. That’s because students, especially the newer ones, need personal attention and assistance from a trained educator. The online programs may be personalized and student’s parents may help them go through it, but nothing can substitute the attention, instructions, and support they would get from a teacher.

Academic writing, for example, is a real struggle. Without a real teacher, it is a bit difficult. This doesn’t mean that the traditional schooling system is perfect. Even in academic writing case, online learners can share own writings on KidBlog, can boost comprehension by means of Whooo’s Reading, or use Aussie Writings for professional advice.  Traditional schooling system comes with a serious flaw: the teachers don’t have time to personalize their instructions for every student in the classroom. That’s why some of the students fall behind, while others don’t get challenged enough. Also read, Will Online Coaching bring disruption to the test preparation?

Co-Browsing as the Ultimate Solution

There is one way to make both online and traditional learning more effective. The solution comes in the form of co-browsing. When co-browsing comes with video chat in real-time, it’s even more effective as for both the teachers and learners.

High-quality co-browsing platforms are different from screen-sharing tools. Instead of sending over raw pixel data, they send the real HTML content from the participant’s screen. There is no loss of quality, whatsoever. The student can see the teacher’s screen without any installs, so the teacher can provide efficient remote instructions. It’s just like having a real educator by your side.


Since online learning programs lack efficient support for every single user, co-browsing can change it. Co-browsing is a highly effective way for providing truly personalized solutions and helping each student to cope-up with the challenges they got. This reduces the time of the learner spend on the program since the proper instructions will eliminate misunderstandings and communication errors. In addition, the direct help from an educator will help student process the information in a much easier and faster manner.

Co-browsing makes traditional education more effective too. It gives the teacher an opportunity to track the progress of each student and help them get better. If, for example, someone has big problems with academic writing, they can fetch additional instructions outside classroom hours. They can schedule co-browsing sessions with each student so that they provide everyone with personalized attentive instructions they need. Yes, that’s more work for the teacher, but it is effective-work that makes both the teaching and learning processes more effective.

The Many Benefits of Co-Browsing

Saying that the co-browsing make both online and traditional education better is not enough. it needs more explanation, so here are few other benefits you might want to take into consideration:-

Co-browsing boost collaboration among students, teachers, and staff to a greater extent. It is not only suitable for teachers who want to give more instructions; it is also great for students completing team projects without the need to get together.


Thanks to co-browsing tools, online tutors (classroom educators as well) are offering training for several students at the same time. This makes their teaching process much more effective. They can still pay individual attention to each student, but they also save a lot of time by grouping the learners together.

Co-browsing gives us a great opportunity to establish online learning programs for children in remote areas. We can encourage more people from around the world to learn things they want to know. Since online educational programs are more personalized and effective, co-browsing gives each person a chance to get customized support from a real educator. Check out, Online Education vs. offline education: who will be the winner?

So yes, co-browsing is changing the face of education, in the best way possible. We just need to increase the awareness of the technique, so more and more learners and teachers will start relying on it. Are you ready to start seeing more of it in both online and traditional educational programs? We sure are!

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