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How Digital Marketing can be a Good Career Option in India

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Only a decade back, many businesses were afraid to take the digital route. As a result, these organizations, hellbent on using the traditional marketing methods, ended up losing out to their competitors. Little did they know that digital marketing will bring about such a revolution in the years to come, and they’ll need to make the switch. Slowly and steadily, as everything started moving online, the traditional methods of marketing started getting obsolete and less efficient.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Today, with practically the whole world present online, the market forces have ensured that you either go digital or fail miserably. The social media platforms serve numerous purposes when it comes to improving your organization’s visibility. You can engage with your customers, tackle their queries personally, and even send them customized messages and notifications if needed. And, if your organization lacks in terms of social media presence, it’s only likely that customers will opt for your competitors having their social media in place over you.

Freelancers and young entrepreneurs who were good with content creation, content marketing, and search engine marketing, were able to get the first move advantage way before digital marketing became an established career choice. Whereas the companies which thought of digital marketing as something that’s relatively alien and might not serve a lot of purposes are now finding ways and building dedicated digital marketing team. They are catching up late, but they don’t have many options now.

Causing a drastic shift in the way marketing functions, digital marketing has completely overhauled the way organizations went about marketing their products. So much so that soon enough, digital marketing will replace the traditional marketing methods altogether. Furthermore, this rise in the demand for switching from conventional approaches to digital techniques has led to an increase in the number of jobs in the field of digital marketing. Also read, 12 Points Assisting you in Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Institute.

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Let us look at the significant job profiles that come with this domain:

Digital Marketing Manager

As a Digital Marketing Manager, you’ll be responsible for leading the digital marketing team and working closely with the marketing team. The demand for a Digital Marketing Manager is increasing as more and more organizations realize that they need to have a robust digital marketing team in place if they are to derive actionable insights from their marketing campaigns. If you wish to explore career opportunities as a Digital Marketing Manager, there are numerous online digital marketing certifications which you can opt for that’ll complement your skills and give you an edge over your competitors.

SEO Executive

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to divert the traffic to your website. The responsibilities of an SEO Executive/Manager involves keywords research, indexing pages, UX optimization, and managing duplicate content. To grow in the field of Search Engine Optimization, you need to be an expert in using various SEO tools present in the market., for example, is one such best-known tools for digital marketers. There are numerous other tools, too, that come in handy while improving your company’s digital performance.

Social Media Marketing Expert

Social Media Marketing can be broadly divided into two categories. One of the categories deals with spreading the content through social media platforms. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Medium, and so on. Then, you need to run paid advertising on these social media platforms. This is something that requires a certain level of expertise and experience. With the addition of new tracking options and features every day, a Social Media Marketing Expert is expected to be on top of the latest trends and changes in technology so as to make the most out of their company’s social media.

Content Marketing Manager

A Content Marketing Manager is, quite obviously, responsible for marketing your content. However, there are many things that a content marketing manager needs to manage, including

  • Blogs
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Managing the Content Team
  • Sales Page Copywriting
  • Ebook Publications
  • Guest Blogging
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Communications
  • A little bit of press release

There is no clear requirement for the qualifications required for this role, having some certifications and an MBA can help you stay ahead of the curve.


A Copywriter is required to work closely with the digital marketing team and has vast job responsibilities. Ideally, a Copywriter is expected to

  • Help the content team refine their content
  • Assist the social media manager by improving the social media content
  • Help the search engine marketer by writing better ad copies

Content is one of the most sought-after choices for those looking to make a switch to digital marketing. Any content person is expected to be proficient in English. He should also know how to write persuasive articles to fuel the sales funnel.

Inbound Marketing Manager

The need for an Inbound Marketing Manager varies depending on the type and size of the organizations. Their responsibilities often overlap with that of content marketers. An Inbound Marketing Manager is expected to manage the funnel and conversion rates at each stage. However, a core difference between content marketing and inbound marketing is that the inbound manager strategizes on how to attract customers using content marketing while the content manager focuses on executing that strategy.

Depending on the needs and size of any organization, they’ll require people from one or more of the mentioned job profiles. Each of these job profiles has varying responsibilities and compensations. However, the thing that’s common to all is the freedom to express and experiment with your creativity.

These job profiles will pay anywhere between 5 lakh per annum INR and above. The package will depend on the organization in question and your skill sets. Because of factors like creativity at work, high demands, and high compensations, digital marketing is becoming a very sought after field. Brands are nowadays taking “cut-throat” competition to a level that they’re strangling their competitors to have a better social media stance. It’s only fair to say that the demands for these job roles will only grow in the time to come!

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