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How good is it to start a career in data analytics?

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The future has arrived – Deemed as the new ‘oil’, data is an invaluable commodity which has revolutionized the way organisations think, analyse and operate. Today, raw data is being used a powerful source for analysing information and recognizing patterns. It is the driving force behind the success story of customised ad campaigns, product launches, automated financial tasks and medical breakthroughs.

What does a data analyst do?

The role of a data analyst is all about sifting through large amount of numbers to identify crucial trends, figuring out business performance problems, offering visual data analysis for faster decision making and strategic advice that transforms the overall business health. With this understanding, we explore some ways to boost you career with a course in data science.

Increased career options

With the business and virtual world built on a vast ocean of data, the opportunities to generate insightful solutions from data have never been better.  This has carved various lucrative job opportunities for data analysts which has become a highly sought after and well-paid career option. With the demand and supply scale being skewed, there is a global shortage of the right skillset and talent required for taking up roles as data scientists and analysts.

Business benefits

In this scenario, the question arises – how is data analytics being leveraged for measuring success? While analysing data is a combination of art and science, its benefits are numerous which include increasing business revenues, driving enhanced client service efforts, recognizing upcoming marketing trends and verifying science & business models.

This had to the higher implementation of data analytics tools in organisations. It implies better opportunities for employees to upgrade their technical skills in applied statistics & number analysis and following a futuristic path for driving quality & accurate solutions.

Learning numerous programming languages

Since data analytics requires diverse technical skillset and numerous soft skills, one needs to work on numerous aspects – coding and analytics tools, data visualization, machine learning and associative thinking. Acquiring these skills would keep you on top of the latest trends and in constant demand in the market as a potential hire.

Strategic role in decision-making

A role as a data analyst would be immensely empowering and win you a coveted seat in the key decision making circle of your organisation.

Job opportunities across industries

The advantage of being a data analyst is that it opens up a job opportunity in practically every industry/sector: marketing, education, finance, business intelligence and sales to name a few.

A combination of numerous skill sets, analytical techniques, soft skills and mastery of programming languages, a role as Data Analyst is the next big thing. Be the future!

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