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How Leisure Pursuits can Aid with Trade Recognition!

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Trade Recognition, or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), is a process to acknowledge the skills and knowledge you have accumulated in your professional or personal capacity. Usually, formal education and training institutions provide this acknowledgment. This recognition places the experience you have cultivated outside of traditional learning systems. Moreover, it measures your competency against the guidelines required for you to receive qualifications in your chosen field.

Whilst most people believe this experience must derive from work, it is also perfectly feasible for it to spring from leisure pursuits. These pursuits can be your hobbies or musical talents. In fact, it may even be possible for you to streamline yourself for working in the job of your dreams.

In this blog, we explore how leisure pursuits can aid with the trade recognition process, and help you flourish in a new, fulfilling career.

Why Bother with Trade Recognition?

You may be looking to change careers, chase a promotion, or receive further qualifications to meet industry standards. Consequently, you can simply and merely step into the role. You will first undoubtedly need to train into the specific functions needed to complete the tasks involved. These tasks can be within the position, or when undergoing a pre-determined process for higher-ups to deeming you competent. This can consume too much of your time and be costly as well. What makes things worse is your authorities force you to take these training classes to receive a qualification. This is particularly more so when you already know the information and have experience of putting them into practice.

Opting to utilize the trade recognition process can result in the acknowledgment of your previous experience. This can be instrumental in making the process as streamlined as possible. Hence, you can:

  • Forgo any unnecessary training for the experience you already possess
  • Enjoy accelerated timeframes due to a lessened training schedule
  • Save on purchasing superfluous textbooks and learning material

Prove Competency

They say if you do a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. What’s important to remember, however, is that just because you love something, it doesn’t necessarily prove you are competent at it.

It is true that many of our leisure pursuits – whether they be carpentry, music, or learning other languages – can actually translate into viable, rewarding careers with trade recognition. All that one requires is having one’s experience in that particular field to satisfy certain competency guidelines. This is essential in demonstrating that your skills and knowledge translate to actual capabilities of performing the tasks involved within the role to an acceptable degree. Otherwise, you will be bringing inferior skills to an industry filled with people who have completed the relevant training.

Portfolio of Evidence

In order to prove competency for the Trade Recognition process, you will need to provide various forms of evidence that adequately demonstrate your skills and knowledge from leisure pursuits to assessors. Possible forms of evidence include:

  • Existing qualifications or evidence of undertaking short courses
  • Examples of work
  • Testimonials and references from reliable parties, such as customers, managers, supervisors and so forth.
  • Proof of any voluntary or community work/experience

This portfolio of evidence will lend greater credibility to your claim. From here, it is likely your RPL assessor will ask you further questions to gauge your understanding, as well as observe you performing relevant tasks. Should all industry and safety guidelines be met, credits against elements or entire qualifications will be awarded.

Turn Your Passion into Your Career

It is a shame that so many people are forced to spend so much of their lives doing jobs they do not enjoy, only to squeeze out a little amount of time for leisure activities. With trade recognition services, you can turn that wealth of experience you have in your passion towards an exciting, fulfilling new career.

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