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How much does the cost of marketing influence the experience?

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Consumers need more than occasional discounts and freebies to pledge their loyalty to a brand. They need a mutually beneficial relationship with the brands they have trusted and used for years. Marketing has long ceased to be the one-way road of sending broadcast messages out to consumers, who matter.

Experiential marketing is all about creating authentic experiences for consumers. Surveys show that the people of NY have begun enjoying and archiving exclusive branded experiences. One of the leading reasons consumers love exclusive events is their shareability on social media. Sharing branded posts is a win-win for both the consumers and the brands. While it increases the consumer’s followers and reach, it also boosts the brand’s visibility.

Experiential marketing can be event-centric, like partnering with a famous music festival in or around NY. Or, it can be an exclusive retail experience, including pop-up stores and shipment container stores that incite urgency.

Brands are likely to believe that experiential marketing demands significant budget and resources. However, is that always true? Sometimes, with help from the right experiential marketing agency New York, it is possible to plan and execute a digital marketing campaign without burning through your entire capital.

What’s the first step towards minimizing expenses?

For minimizing the expenses, you need to find out how much you expect to achieve with experiential marketing –

A branding campaign or promotional stunt may have several purposes. Here are a few goals many leading experiential marketing campaigns of the day share –

  1. Boost brand visibility
  2. Improve brand awareness
  3. Strengthen the bond between consumers and the brand
  4. Create user-generated content
  5. Promote word of mouth marketing for the brand
  6. Increase the ROI of marketing campaigns
  7. Create interest in a new product or sub-brand

How to improve your brand experience for every participant? 

Now, the paths to these shared goals can be many. Only the right marketing agency that has the experience and expertise of working in the NY market can provide you with the data to minimize expenses without compromising on the impact.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure the success of your branding cum experiential campaign –

  • Keep an eye on the metrics
    The right audience for any brand can be a particular geographic location, an age group or gender, or a combination of all three. Several other factors influence the definition of the target audience for brands.
    Unless you are working with an expert team of marketers, you might have to put in extra time after work to comb through customer feedback and other data to locate your audience.
    Today, marketing experts are utilizing data from consumers from all kinds of platforms. “Listening tools” have evolved beyond the regular social media and emails. Experiential Marketing teams in NY are tracking personal wearables and mobile phone data for personalized ads and notifications to find their audience.
  • Use available technology
    Don’t just leave it up to your marketing team. You need to leverage all available tech to locate and track your consumers. Unless you follow a dedicated forum or discussion group, finding the factors that make your target audience tick can be tricky.
    Make tech a part of your event. Organize mystery escape rooms or scavenger hunts for your audience. Urge the participants to click pictures at particular Instagrammable spots and share them with branded hashtags. Incentivize their online participation, reviewing, and sharing for making the most out of your investment.
    Including already available tech like Wi-Fi, mobile phones, and QR code scanners don’t exacerbate the cost of the event. However, they do make these events more enjoyable and shareable for all participants.
  • Maintain exclusivity
    A lot of brands are aware of experiential marketing, but you only see a few emerge with glowing success. The main reason being their inability to maintain the exclusivity of their events.
    It is good to feel inspired by a particular campaign, but copying it to the T is a big NO-NO for all marketing teams. You need to create an experience for target consumers that they will relate to your brand ONLY.
    That might need a few late nights, and extensive brain-storming. However, it need not be expensive for your team. Once you know your audience and you have your goals in view, devising exclusive campaigns is not as much work for an experiential marketing team as you would think.

Apart from the three basics, you can also try to include customized activities like icebreakers or sporting activities if that goes with your brand image. Customized activities that your audience can share on multiple social media platforms do not have to be costly. Revisit your brand mission and vision to discover new options that can shine a new light on your market presence. You can include a private museum or waterpark visits depending on the demographics of your audience. Or, organize makeovers and personalized fitness consultations, depending on your brand’s motto.

When you have the zeal to hop on the experiential marketing train, the cost cannot keep you from it.

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