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How to Adopt the Right Study Plan During Final Exams

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Do you have a bad memory? Are you bad with numbers? We all have our weak spots. Yet, even though that may be true, we can’t let our weaknesses get in the way of our plans for success. A head full of fears will not make for creative dreams. If you want to earn top grades in your online class, you have to find a way to push these fears away. Run through the below tips in order to foster a study plan that will pave the way to academic success.

Break Your Day into Three 8-Hour Sections 

Divide every day into three eight hour sections and use the first eight hours to study. Then use the next eight hours to relax and spend time on yourself. You don’t want to beat an academic subject to death by continuing to work on it after you have done enough. Your mind will continue to learn the material even after you stopped studying real-time. The last eight hours should be spent getting a good night of sleep that way you can start again fresh the next day.

Deal with Your Distractions 

When taking online classes, you are going to have challenging assignments and projects.  That means you must get rid of social media and text messaging when you’re studying. These are the biggest distractions in modern times. If you’re committed to your goals and actions, you will prioritize your work and push away your smartphone for a few hours.

Focus on Your Body 

Believe it or not, your body language can affect your academic performance. Your gestures, postures, and expressions play a major role in your performance. As you spend several hours in front of a desktop/laptop working on your daily homework, you may experience muscle fatigue, headaches, and pain in your back, shoulders, and neck muscles. The wrong placement of your legs and hands while studying can affect a lot. Modify your seating arrangement to avoid back pain and other computer-related health issues. Use standing desks, ball chairs, and disco seat cushions to become more attentive and improve your health. Stretch your body every 45 minutes to avoid muscle stress and strain. Understand your learning environment and make the necessary changes to make for a better study session.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

During the week of final exams, it is important that you sleep for at least eight hours a night for improved test performance. Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on your health as well as your GPA. Getting a good night’s sleep can refresh your mind and body, thereby reducing stress. It can also boost your cognitive function and enhance your ability to retain information. A proper night’s rest can result in improved grades, lowered risk of obesity, better memory, improved mood and decreased chances of getting sick. Develop better sleep hygiene by setting up a regular sleep schedule and sticking to it. Create a space that maximizes sleep and shut off all electronics before going to bed.

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