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How to create a future to be proud of

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Being a teen equates to a life full of confusion and problems. Thoughts often turn to the future and determine how you will be able to make it a good one. This can lead to anxiety around the questions “Am I good enough?” and “What should I do?”. Perhaps, rather than focusing on what to be, try to consider who to be instead. Would you rather be known as the accountant or the person who looks out for others in the community? Everyone is different, so there is no right or wrong answer. However, when life is confusing and you don’t know which way to go, thinking along the following lines might be helpful.

Always do your best

It is not always easy to live up to your own and other people’s expectations. However, knowing that you have tried your best and worked your hardest to achieve your goals is important. When you are older, and perhaps wiser, reflecting on your life, you will definitely be full of regrets if you did not constantly try your hardest. So, whether you hope to forge a career in interior design or you are wondering how to get into MIT, doing proper and full research and giving it your all will support you in achieving your dreams. What’s more, conducting research will also help you gain clarity on your goals, which is essential for success.

Be kind and polite

Throughout your lifetime, you will encounter many people. Some will have a positive impact on your life; others may leave you questioning why they are intrinsic to your life. Regardless of who you meet and their motivations for treating you the way they do, be kind and polite. Doing so means that you can be safe in the knowledge that you have behaved towards others in a way that you would hope for them to behave towards you. Although, at times, this may not make you feel assertive, being the bigger person will certainly allow you to evaluate social situations far more positively. How you treat others is a direct show of character, which can often be linked to impending regret for those who neglect their own integrity.

Give time, not just money

During our lifetime, we will have many people in our lives who are important to us. We will also struggle to find equilibrium in our busy lives. Prioritizing can be a challenge in itself: family, friends, work, money, household tasks. In our most hectic periods, throwing money at problems might seem to be the easiest solution. However, for some things, this may work. When it comes to the people in your life that you care deeply for, it would be far wiser to part with your time than any amount of money. It is important to be able to establish appropriate methods of handling varying situations in your life as how you react to certain issues will automatically affect the people you love.

Avoid procrastination

Putting things off or avoiding necessary tasks can be an easy choice to make when we are facing challenging times. However, nothing is ever accomplished from procrastinating. In fact, not undertaking certain tasks can actually result in you having a much bigger job to do in the long run. Ask yourself why you are unwilling to do something straight away. If it is simply a matter of time, evaluate if you can prioritize it instead of something else. Although the other thing may be much easier to do, the impact of the item you are reluctant to do may be greater and more positive.

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