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How to Create an Inspirational Atmosphere to Conduct Your Studen

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To create the perfect study space, you will need to make sure you have easy access to what you need and no distractions. Experimenting with lighting, choosing the right furniture and making sure you personalize your space and keep it at the right temperature are just some of the ways that can turn your study space from one where you feel uncomfortable to one where you feel inspired.

Here are six ways you can create an inspirational atmosphere.



1. Get rid of all distractions

There are certain items you should probably remove from your study space, like video games, your phone and multiple monitors (unless you really need them for your research). Having junk food and messy drinks lying around in your study space will hinder your productivity.

You need to maximize your concentration and minimize anything that distracts from this. If your space is full of distractions, it can take too much energy for you to try and focus.

2. Choose Ergonomic furniture

Hunching over your laptop while working or lying in bed with your laptop propped up on your knees can cause all kinds of aches and pains. You need a comfortable yet ergonomic chair with enough support for your back. The right backrest will keep you in the right position no matter how many long hours you spend working. It’s helpful if you can raise or lower the seat.

This means you can adjust the chair to fit the height of your desk. The desk height should be between your ribcage and your waist when you sit upright at it. Remember that using a mouse is more ergonomic than using a trackpad.

3. Get help from an essay writing site

If you’re having difficulty with an assignment, you can get the help of professional writers at a cheap research paper writing site and StudyClerk is the perfect place to do so. Getting a university education can be challenging and an essay writing site can offer help when you have so many deadlines you don’t know what to tackle first. Students are often overwhelmed with the quantity of work they need to do and the amount of time they have in which to do it.

4. Pay attention to your lighting

If your study space does that have enough lighting, you will put a strain on your eyes and feel drowsy. Natural light is good so you can choose to study near a window but just make sure you’re not distracted by looking out of a window. Use a small desk lamp to light your immediate study area and an overhead light or larger lamp to light the rest of the room.

In a German study that looked at the effects of color temperature and brightness on student productivity, researchers found that students concentrated more under cold light and were more creative under warm light. Try experimenting with different color temperatures and brightness that work best for you while doing specific tasks.

5. Control the temperature

An environment that is too cold or too hot can be very distracting. Researchers have discovered that if temperatures fall above or below a certain level, errors increase. You won’t always have control over the temperature in your study space if it is in a place like your dorm room.

However, you should always be aware of the temperature and do what you can to avoid unbearably hot or cold conditions. It may be worth temporarily moving to another place with a more bearable temperature, like a library.

6. Personalize your space

Your space needs to suit your personal study habits. If you feel you perform better when your desk is completely organized and your files are color-coded, make it happen.

Some students can be very productive in a messy space, too, so you need to experiment with what works best for you. If you like using study apps, go to Droidholic the find out about the best study apps. You may want to invest in a whiteboard and dry erase markers if you like creating mindmaps. Inspiring quotes written on index cards may provide the motivation you need to keep going.

A final word

You will do plenty of research as a student and this takes dedication and discipline. The advantage of having a study space you look forward to settling down in to do your research can’t be underestimated. It is definitely worth making an effort to create the type of space where you feel inspired and you can produce the type of work that brings you success.

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