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How to Create the Perfect Study Area?

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Have peace to get that piece of study!

If you’re studying for exams or taking further education courses, having somewhere quiet and comfortable to work is essential. To do your best, you need to be able to focus on what you’re learning without distractions and interruptions and have everything you might require close at hand. Creating the right environment will help you achieve the best possible results, so it’s a serious consideration. Look at where you’re doing your studying. See if you could make some improvements that would ensure the time you spend working is more productive and enjoyable!


Your space needs to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This is because feeling too hot or too cold can have a significant effect on your concentration. This will also affect your motivation. It’s not very appealing to know you’re going to overheat in the warmer months. Similarly, it’s not cool to shiver and chill in the colder months. So, make sure you have a well-insulated space with adequate heating and ventilation.

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If you can feel a draught, check the windows and see whether they need replacing. You can get bespoke windows made for individual rooms by Timber Windows Direct that can be single or double-glazed depending on your requirements, but that will both look good and keep you far warmer.

If you have to air-condition, make sure the system is working properly before the weather warms up. This way, make sure you’re ready to tackle the heatwave successfully. If the room gets too hot in the summer, and built-in air-conditioning isn’t an option, you could get a fan. You can also land your hand on to a small portable air conditioning unit to help you stay cooler. Thus, you can stay more positive towards your studies.

Peace and quiet

It’s not always possible to have a whole room to isolate yourself in, but you should choose somewhere that’s as quiet as possible, so you don’t get disturbed by other members of the household going back and forth all the time. You can modify a corner of your bedroom or one end of the dining room as your study area. Only make sure that it’s not part of open plan design. You can even adapt large cupboards, under stairs spaces and landings to make suitable study spaces. Only look for their having room for a desk and an office chair. You can put screens up to shield yourself from noise and interference if you’re sharing the space. You can also use noise-canceling headphones if you still find yourself getting distracted.

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You’ll need an office desk that’s the right size for your computer or laptop, and an adjustable office chair that’s ergonomically designed to support you while you work. You’ll also want storage space for books and files, and a stationery drawer with all your pens, paper clips, staples, and other useful bits and bobs, so you don’t have to go hunting for what you need when you’re in the middle of your studies. You might also find it helps to have motivational objects or memes decorating your study space, to give you a boost when you’re flagging.

Studying is hard work, but the achievement and knowledge you gain are priceless. Help yourself reach the goals you’ve set by optimizing your study space and giving yourself the best chance of fulfilling your potential.

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