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How to Get Good Marks in JEE Chemistry (Main)

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Good Marks in JEE Main Chemistry

JEE Main is one of the toughest exams in India. It Includes Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects. Some students think that JEE Chemistry (Mains) is a tough subject. On the other hand, Chemistry is a high scoring section if you prepare well and with proper planning and dedicated study hours. Chemistry always requires more practice to get decent marks in the exam.

The chemistry section carries 120 marks. It has multiple choice questions. Chemistry paper can be in Hindi, English and any other language (based on the location of exam center).

Below are some preparation tips for JEE Main Chemistry.

How to Get Good Marks in JEE Main Chemistry

Some preparation tips are given below to get a high score in JEE Main Chemistry. Following these points sincerely will easily get you good marks.

Know the Complete Detail of JEE Main Exam

You should have the complete details of JEE Main Exam for Chemistry. For example, how many questions are there on the exam, how many marks are carried by JEE Main chemistry section, how many marks will be deducted for each wrong answer. Additionally, you should know the pattern and syllabus of JEE Main Chemistry Exam as well.

Previous Years’ Question Papers

You should always solve previous years’ question papers for Main Preparation. It will help you to attempt the paper within time and give an idea of the paper pattern. Some questions are same as that of the previous years’ papers. If you solved at least one previous paper and a mock paper daily, you can increase your speed.

Formulae and ShortcutsImage result for chemistry word

For numerical questions, you must revise shortcut formulae. It will help you to get the answer quicker and save your time to solve the Physics and Mathematics questions. If you have difficulty in remembering formulae then you should apply the logic or derivation so that you can easily learn them.

Proper Revision

Timely revision is very important. You can’t score high if you haven’t revised properly. Syllabus for JEE Main is quite lengthy so you can’t revise daily from the books so you can create short notes. You should divide the chemistry section into three parts.

  • Physical Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry

For Physical Chemistry, you should revise formulae daily at least for 15 minutes. In your free time, you should try to revise important concepts.

For the preparation of Inorganic Chemistry, learn all the concept from NCERT books and follow the coaching material. For this section, regular revision is mandatory.

Organic Chemistry’s concepts must be clear. You can try building imaginative concepts for this subject.

Time management

You should not waste more than 45 mins for Chemistry because 30 – 40% questions are theoretical and can be attempted correctly within a minute.

List of important Topics in Chemistry for JEE 2018 

Below are some important topics and their weightage for JEE Chemistry.

Fundamental Concepts:

  • Periodic Table
  • Chemical Bonding – Weightage: 5%.

Chemical Bonding and periodic table are one of the strongest topics of your conceptual understanding. You can easily get good marks by making sure your concepts are clear on these topics.

Important, and you can score high marks easily

  • Mole Concept – Weightage: 2%
  • Co-ordination Chemistry – Weightage: 5%
  • Alcohol, Phenols, and Ethers – Weightage: 7%
  • p-Block elements – Weightage: 5%

Important, with High Weightage

  • Atomic Structure – Weightage: 5%
  • Gaseous State – Weightage: 3%
  • Hydrocarbons – Weightage: 2%
  • Aldehydes and Ketones – Weightage: 5%
  • d & f Block Elements – Weightage: 5%
  • General Organic Chemistry – Weightage: 7%

Other topics

  • Chemical Equilibrium – Weightage: 3%
  • Ionic Equilibrium – Weightage: 3%
  • Thermodynamics – Weightage: 5%
  • s-Block Elements – Weightage: 5%
  • Electrochemistry – Weightage: 2%
  • Amines – Weightage: 2%
  • Biomolecules – Weightage: 1%
  • Polymers – Weightage: 1%
  • Surface Chemistry – Weightage: 2%
  • Chemistry in Everyday Life – Weightage: 2%

Books for JEE Mains Chemistry Preparation

Books can always help you to get a high score and clear your basic concepts. NCERT standard books are the right choice for the preparation of JEE Chemistry (Mains). It contains complete syllabus with correct information in an easy way to understand way. Below is a list of the best chemistry books which will help you in JEE Main Preparation.

Books Name – Author

  • Organic Chemistry – Morrison Boyd
  • Organic Chemistry – O.P Tandon.
  • Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations – R.C. Mukherjee
  • Numerical Chemistry – P. Bahadur
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry – J.D. Lee

I hope now you can get the good marks in JEE Main for Chemistry. If you have any query in your mind then please share in the comment box below. I will definitely solve your problem.

Thank you!

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