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How to Get Scholarships to Study Abroad Without Wasting Your Time?

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If a person is planning to study abroad but the cost that is involved makes the person cringe instantly? If yes, then there is not only one person but there are other people too that face this kind of problem. If a person wants to study abroad then it is expensive but the good news for the person is that there are some options that are available to work around those hefty price tags. There are a number of scholarships that a student wants in order to study abroad that are available but the problem that most of the student’s face is, ‘How to get a scholarship?’

The Internet is the one that has a plethora of information. A person can search for anything and everything under the sun but at this place there is an overload of information to find the right scholarship and after that applying for it before the deadline is a tedious task for a person. So, to help the person out we have listed here some tips so that a person can get a scholarship.

A person might have to make some sacrifices in order to get scholarship in the months that are leading up to their semester/summer/year abroad by saying no to the splurging on dessert and also cut down on that post-Christmas-sales shopping, but if a person is being smart with their money before they decide to study abroad whether they chose to do MBBS in Russia or any other course in any of the country then it is just one stepping stone on the way to bigger and better adventures in their life. A person should adopt smart saving tactics that are mixed with financial aid like scholarships to study abroad means that a person will be able to *finally* achieve their travel goal — just as long as they are willing to put in the work of applying!

How can a person get a scholarship in order to study abroad?

These days a large number of scholarships that are available for students so that they can study abroad easily and these include general scholarships and specialized funding schemes. Some of these scholarships are granted by the government to the students, some by the universities in which the students take admission and other scholarships are by some of the charitable or funding organizations.

So, it can be concluded that Scholarships for the students who want to study abroad are extensively available and that too from a number of sources.

Now, the trick that a person needs to know is that not only where to look for these scholarships but they should also know how to get a scholarship. So, read on in order to know about some of the tips on where to find and how to get the best scholarship.

1- A student should first ask for help

The first priority of a person should be, don’t be afraid to reach out to the people around them for their help. A person should contact their university’s study abroad office, the professors of the universities, the financial aid office, and the universities’ academic advisors to ask them about the scholarship programs or grants that they may know of.

If it is possible for a student to meet personally with the experts to these offices to ask for advice on how to get a scholarship in order to study abroad, rather than just emailing or calling.

2- One should Look for the Financial Options & Scholarships that are Available

Firstly, one should look for the financial aid options that are available specifically for the students to study abroad programs that they want to go for. One should explore their options much wisely. It cannot be said enough that a person should do their research! The more scholarships that a person can apply for, the more financial aid the person will get.

· Location-Specific Grants/Scholarships to Study Abroad: These are the scholarships or grants that are created in order to encourage all the students to study in the specific countries that they like.

· Program-Specific Study Abroad Scholarships/Grants: These are the scholarships or grants that are often offered to all the students who decide to study abroad just through a particular program.

· Subject-Specific Grants/Scholarships for Studying Abroad: Many of the grants or scholarships are awarded to those students who plan to pursue their education in a certain field of study or major while abroad.

· University-Provided Study Abroad Scholarships/Grants: there are many universities that provide scholarships or grants on a merit-basis that also to be generally applied to any students who are looking to study abroad.

· Organization-Provided Scholarships/Grants: a person should be sure to do thorough research of non-profit, chapter, or heritage organizations that may provide scholarships or grants to the students who are deserving and match their criteria to get the scholarship.

3. A Person should Contact the Scholarship/Grant Funder Directly

One should check with the government officials of the country that they want to study in because in some of the countries the government also provides the financial support to the international students.

4. One can Tweak their Resume

Once a person has compiled their list of study abroad scholarships that they are planning on in order to apply for, now they have to work on so that they are actually being awarded the scholarships. A huge part of this is the person’s resume!

5. One Should Check Out Their References

No, it doesn’t mean the person’s bibliography. Most of the study abroad scholarship essays and applications require the personal references of the person; that is, someone the person has worked with either in a professional or academic setting.

6. A person should Mark Their Calendar

If the person is applying for a number of different scholarships or grants, as well as they are applying for the study abroad program by themselves, it can be difficult for them to keep the track of all the different deadlines and also application requirements.

Step 7. A Person Should Now Just Apply!

It may seem tiring for a person but they have to apply for the study abroad scholarships as quickly and thoroughly as they can.

Step 8. One should Take Their Time & Take it Seriously

It can be easy for a person to feel the need to rush through the applications, especially if they are applying to a number of them. However, a person should treat study abroad applications just as seriously as the applications they completed to be accepted into their university.

Step 9. One should Have the Grades

This may seem rudimentary for the person, but in order to get a scholarship for studying abroad, a person often has to have good grades. Not all the scholarships or grants require the stellar grades or grade point averages, but many of the scholarships do.

Step 10. The Proof is in the Passion of the Person

Most, if not all, the study abroad scholarship applications require a personal essay of the student. A person might start having vivid flashbacks to their university application essays and the stress they have caused, but a person should never fear! In these applications, it’s the person’s chance to shine.

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