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How to Help Teenagers Develop Good Study Habits!

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It’s no secret that most teenagers do not like doing homework. Because of this, good study habits won’t come naturally or easily as most teens will have to learn how to develop them. Teaching your teen how to develop good study habits can be difficult, especially when you don’t know how to get involved with their homework or you are uncertain of how little or how much supervision is required. Teaching your teenagers effective study methods can reduce their stress level about school and also boost academic performance.

If you want to see your child excel in their academics, you can share the following strategies with your teen to help them develop better study habits:

1. Find A Study Place That Works

Do you know the best place your teen likes to study? Which do they prefer, school, home or library? Some teens like to study with someone close by for assistance when the need arises, while others prefer studying away from any form of distraction. When you discover the perfect study location for your child, ensure he or she studies there when it’s time for homework.

2. Prepare Ahead

Finding items such as a pen, calculator or other writing material can be a form of distraction while studying. You can help your kid plan ahead by finding a suitable spot where they can store their materials for homework; doing this will help them prepare before study time.

3. Praise or Reward Your Teenagers

You can help your child create a reward system at first. For instance, you can give him or her internet access for one hour when they finish their assignment or finish reading a chapter. As time goes on, your kid will learn how to reward himself after completing a task, even if the reward is small, like a snack in between homework.

4. Create a Checklist

You can make your kids study routine easier by creating a checklist that includes what they need to study in a day and all the steps required to get prepared for their homework. Doing this can help them get started and also maximize their time.

5. Isolate Your Stresses

Some kids are easily distracted by their own thoughts, and a good way to manage this distraction is through a worry pad. Your teen can write these distractions down on the worry pad instead of trying to manage the distractions in his or her head. After studying, they can now address their distractions.

6. Keep A Checklist

This task may appear difficult, but you will benefit more from breaking down your plan for the week into a daily checklist. Your child can learn how to keep track of his/her day to day activities as well as their progress using a to-do list. Teaching your teen how to put down their daily activities in a list according to priority is a good idea, and another benefit of this is that it helps them manage their time effectively.

7. Have A Schedule

Teach your child how to set markers and keep track of their assignments using a large wall calendar. Your teen can use a colored marker in differentiating each class, assignment, and activities on the calendar. You can also teach your teen how to use an online calendar and sync his activities on different devices like his/her smartphone and laptop.

8. Getting Outside Help

As a parent, it can be quite difficult to try and support your child with all of their schooling which is why it might be worthwhile to seek out a teen life coach or teen counseling. Having someone who is a trained professional and can provide some assistance will make it much easier for you and your teenager.

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