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How to optimize your website for lead generation

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By generating leads, you have greater visibility on the internet, build a reliable database and can establish a differentiated relationship with your customers, offering exclusivity and personalization based on an in-depth knowledge of who is the person on the other side of the screen. But how to optimize your website to generate more leads?

Integrations and tools

The first step in creating a consistent lead generation strategy is to offer the tools that your audience wants to use. The main one is Whatsapp GB, because this way your company can create a communication channel much closer to your customers.

Integrate as many tools as possible with your website, to allow potential customers who access your company website to easily call your sales department to express interest and ask questions about products and services.


Search Engine Optimization, or just SEO, allows you to make your site in the best way so that it is seen by search engines, placing you in better positions in organic searches. From the programming of your website, through the code, page titles, institutional texts, images, in short, converging all the communication of your website to the same goal, you get amazing results in converting visitors into leads, because people will find you more easily.


Just like textual communication, the visual communication of your website must be attractive and pleasant in the eyes of the visitor, so that he stays on your page for longer. In this sense, choosing colors, the cleanest aspect of the page and knowing how to work with white spaces, creating harmony, is essential for lead generation. The more comfortable the visitor feels on your page, the longer he will stay.


Create calls that will catch the reader’s attention as soon as he looks through them, instigating curiosity and interest. Titles like “10 ways to wash your car without using water” or “Everything you need to know about content marketing” tend to work very well as a gimmick for your visitor to click on the page and go in search of more information.


Creating optimized and relevant content for your audience is one of the strategies that most attract leads to your website. Sharing exclusive knowledge makes people sympathize with your page and thus share your data more easily, such as name and email. E-books, whitepapers, webinars and infographics are some examples of content that you can share with your leads.

Key words

Keywords that reflect your core business are critical for you to generate more leads on your site. They act as a decoy for search engines to understand that your page is relevant to a particular topic, increasing your position in organic searches. Working with keywords in Google Adwords campaigns is also a good option for those who want to invest in sponsored links, which give great returns to the company.

Call to action

Placing a “call to action” button, or call to action, at strategic points on your site makes visitors feel compelled to click and contribute to your site in the exchange of information. Use the exclusive content created by you as a bargaining chip, asking for basic information in exchange for the complete material, for example. So you build your database and start creating lasting relationships with your customers.

Landing page

The landing page that your visitor is directed to when clicking on the call to action button should reflect your main objective, providing information about what is being offered and what the internet user will have to give in return. Are you offering an e-book? Tell us what it is about, give a preview of the content and then ask the visitor to leave their email to receive the material. Don’t forget to send a thank you email for downloading the e-book, demonstrating that you are attentive to your audience’s actions.

Share buttons

Unique experiences on the internet generate satisfied people, who share their actions on social networks. In this way, give your lead the opportunity to share your material by making sharing buttons available on your website. It increases your visibility and reputation on the network, in addition to, of course, generating even more leads for your website.

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