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How to prepare for IIT-JEE

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IIT JEE is considered to be one of the toughest exams in the world. This exam is conducted for undergraduate students all over India for admission to different BE courses in the NITs, IITs and other Government aided and un-aided institutions. Every year around lakhs of students appear for IIT-JEE with the dream to be a successful engineer. Like any other competitive exam, thorough preparation is the key to success in this exam.

Phase I: Get an insight of the exam

Structure: JEE Main: The duration of JEE Main exam is 3 hours which consists of 90 multiple choice questions. These 90 questions are divided in to three sections- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, which means every section, carries 30 questions each. All the sections carry equal marks, i.e. four marks each. For every correct answer you get 4 marks and for every incorrect answer, 1 mark is deducted. There is no minus marking for unattended questions. Check out each and every detail about JEE 2018 exam before starting with preparation.

JEE Advanced: The JEE Advanced exam is framed a little differently than the main exam. The sections are same as of main exam, i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.  But contrary to main exam, JEE Advanced is divided into two papers of three hours. These two papers are divided in to three sections (one for each topic). The paper format is as follows:

Paper I: Each section contains 10 multiple choice questions with one correct answer, five multiple choice questions with one or more correct answers, and five questions for which a candidate is required to provide a single-digit answer.

Paper II: Each section contains 8 multiple choice questions with a correct answer, eight questions that can be answered after reading the passage, and several “matching-list”-type questions.

Get hold of the syllabus: However, both JEE Main and JEE Advanced cover the same subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics), but the particular topics covered and the difficulty level of the questions being asked in both the tests will alter. To be aware of the exact syllabus and the topics covered you can visit the official website online for both JEE Main and JEE Advanced, which is available for free in the PDF format.

Phase II: Preparation

Preparation Material: When it comes to prepare for IIT-JEE exams, there are various books and materials available out there. There are several books and test papers available on book stores, but it is recommended to buy those books and materials which are officially certified by JEE administering agencies.

However, over the time it has been observed and reported by numerous students those who have successfully qualified and has even topped in the JEE Exams is that the best source of preparation for JEE exam is NCERT Books.

Follow a timetable: The best way to crack IIT-JEE is to prepare throughout the year. Start as early as you can, especially if you seriously aim to take JEE Advanced. Start early does not mean that you should start preparing years early but you need to concentrate on basics in the early years and keep the concepts clear. Once you are clear in your head that you want to be an engineer and want to be in the IITs or NITs start preparing, at least from class XII itself. It will even help you to score better in Board Exams.

Work on weak links: Even if you are confident about your preparation there could be few topics that you could work on and improve. The best way to assess you is to take a look at your school grades. This will help you to improve your grades in school and your score in JEE.

Allocate time: Working more on the weak topics does not mean you stop concentrating on topics you were good at. Allocate proper time to every topic and subject to ensure good scores in exam. Because practicing each and every topic regularly and thoroughly is the only key to success.

Coaching Institutes: Joining any good IIT coaching in your hometown will do no harm if you are unsure about how to plan and execute your JEE preparations in the best way. You can do this on a classroom program model or in a 45-60 days long crash course.

Phase III: Practice, practice and practice

Use available resources to the fullest: Mock tests: The most effective way of preparing for JEE is to take the tests itself. There are various website which hosts online mock tests. But to get the actual impression of what JEE Main and JEE Advanced test will be like one should always take the mock tests available on official JEE website. Mock tests available there are the exact replica of the original exam in terms of structure, question paper format and content. Taking mock tests in advance to the actual exam gives you the confidence and helps you to find your faults and strengths and helps you strategize better beforehand.

You will have to accelerate yourself a little more during the actual exam because you will be required to record your answers on an official answer sheet manually.

Previous years’ questions: Another valuable resource for the preparation of JEE is the question papers from the previous tests. These question papers are also available for free on official JEE website.  These question papers are actually the same papers which have come in previous years. Even though, JEE is relatively new as it has replaced the old IIT-JEE in 2014 only, still there are about 8 question papers available for practice; giving enough exposure to the candidate before exam offering plenty of practice material. A student can even practice questions from old IIT-JEE papers as the questions in them are also cover the same syllabus.

Engineering Colleges: Yes you read that right, there are present few engineering colleges in Bhopal MP that provides 30 to 45 days crash course preparation for IIT-JEE. Although, it seems like a coaching institute thing but the training module and last minute exercises by these engineering institutes can come in handy while facing JEE exam.

Phase IV: Keeping Calm

Stay updated: Keep yourself updated with all the news and bulletin related to IIT-JEE as it is subjective to change and has changed over time. There may be changes in test schedules, test syllabus etc. The best way to keep yourself updated with JEE bulletin is via official JEE website, the most reliable source to stay updated.

Take Care:

In the sprint of preparing for IIT-JEE student should never forget to take good care of them. In addition to a religious study timetable, it is equally important to pay attention towards health religiously. A student should sleep at least 8 hours a day and eat healthy. After all, only a healthy mind can help you achieve your goals. You should do some light exercise regularly, if nothing one should take up light walking or jogging to freshen up their mind. So take good care of your health because a healthy body is where a healthy mind resides.

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Rohit Choubey

May 18, 2017

Very good information and strategies explained in this article.

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