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How to promote democratic leadership style

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Within an organization, different styles of leadership can coexist.These vary according to the nature of the company, its structure, its different production phases, its number of members and, of course, its objectives. They can follow democratic, autocratic or a combination of the two. One of the most successful leadership style followed in the industry is Democratic leadership.

Democratic leadership, which is based on the participation and dialogue of the different members that make up a project. Its main objective is to generate debates and reach consensus for decision-making. The most commonly used strategies to achieve a democratic leadership style in any company are explored in this article.

How to promote democratic leadership?

Democratic leadership does not arise by itself but requires a series of strategies to encourage it. Generally, Democratic leadership processes are slow and require progressive assimilation, which implies making decisions in three fundamental aspects:

A) Fostering group work: The work atmosphere will never be conducive to democratic leadership if the important tasks are centralized to a few workers. The leader should promote the involvement, of each one of the members of his organization.This will not only allow the emergence of new ideas but also increase the level of commitment of each employee.

B) Flexible hierarchies of the company. It is not a matter of ignoring the established levels in the company structure. However, it is necessary to favor a working environment where hierarchies go almost unnoticed and promote a rapprochement between the different levels.

C) Effective communication channels. Establish channels through which communication flows between the different dependencies of an organization. This is usually very important because the success of almost all processes depends on the effectiveness of the internal communication. The clearer and more direct the information, the better the results.

Numerous companies in the world have applied methods of this type with highly positive results. Some of the best known are Apple and Google, which leave enough room for internal discussion and encourages the creativity and originality of its employees in the design of new products or launches.

Main virtues of a democratic leader

  • Active listening. The leader must take into account the opinions, comments and contributions of his work group.
  • It stimulates the sense of belonging to the company and the project.
  • Delegates tasks in the group members. In doing so, he not only transgresses a series of works; Also delegates their confidence in the good results.
  • He does not marginalize or reject anyone. They all have the same acceptance.
  • Take seriously all that is planned to develop. It does not change plans arbitrarily or create instability.
  • It faces the difficulties that may arise during the process. He does not run away or delegate responsibility to others.
  • It promotes joint results and not competition among the group.

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