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How to Save Your Kids from Smartphone Addiction?

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It’s a new digital era. It’s time for you to use the technology that is ruining our youth, to save your child. Just because all that malicious content is out there on the internet, doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to let your child roam the internet free. It does not say that you need to be the bad guy denying them their curiosity constantly. Every executor of parenting can tell his/her experience of the dilemma of buying his/her kids a phone. You’re taking a huge risk, but at the same time, you want to stay closer and more connected with your child. There are ways you can make the most of the situation without the negative drawbacks that hurt your relationship with your kids.

Monitoring Apps

One of the necessary things you can have on your kids’ phone is a monitoring app. Monitoring apps do a lot from a safe distance and not to mention, keep discretion. You can rely on monitoring apps to show you how to track a cell phone, block malicious and adult content, and even lock a device when you think a kid has had enough screen time. One of the finest things about these apps is that they run in the background so if you have a good one, chances are your kids might never be able to figure out that you can read their chats and monitor their phone wherever they go.

Some of the apps that you need to try are mSpy, Flexispy and iKey Monitor. They even allow you to mirror a target phone’s screen on your device. You can monitor not just what activities your kids are engaging in but also keep an eye out for all their social interactions and plans as well. What you choose to do with that information and accessibility is up to you. However, if you are careful about when you act, you can avert a lot of tough conversations and disasters in both, your life and your children’s.

Family Apps

Family apps such as Chore Monster and Cozi are great at bringing families together. The developers behind the apps had the vision of using technology to bring families closer. They also thought about how everyday life of a family can be digitally synchronized with one another. These apps basically allow families to distribute and assign chores, make plans and share information like shopping list documents and a reward system to cheer the competition. These apps have had positive reviews from families who were having troubles communicating with one another ever since they got cellphones. According to these families, they were barely getting the time to talk to each other as smartphones and gadgets were all that they were hooked on. So, why not make our weakness our strength?


Technology by no means has to be declared an enemy of the young mind. You can expect to find any and all sorts of utilities as long as you know what you are looking for. Applications and certain software can be bought to make sure that nothing wrong gets done through, to or from any device. Utilize the maximum of your time with your family and use the most of what you can to make your lives better.

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