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How to Secure Your E-Commerce Business 101

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You can keep your brand and buyers safe by securing your online shopping platform.

Each year, more and more consumers take to the internet to buy things that they need or want. Resultantly, e-commerce shopping is expanding at a remarkable rate.

Now, online shopping is commonplace. It’s a fast and convenient alternative to brick-and-mortar stores.

However, as online shopping becomes more popular, cybersecurity is a growing concern for business owners and shoppers. Today, you must build your online business with a security first mindset.

First Rule Is Simple: Choose a Stable & Secure E-Commerce Platform

It’s essential that you build your e-commerce platform on a strong foundation. What this means is that you must put strong security measures in place to protect your company and your customers.

There are many shopping cart platforms available. It may prove difficult to choose the right one. Most online entrepreneurs Use Magneto or the WordPress WooCommerce plug-in.

Types of Cyberattacks: Be Sure to Have at Least a Basic Understanding 

Malicious actors could compromise your proprietary data in one of several ways. Some hackers are vandals, while others are thieves who want your data so that they can resell it on the black market.

As an example, hackers use phishing attacks to attempt to steal sensitive information – like credit card or Social Security numbers – by sending an email that looks like a communication from an authentic service provider.

Malware is another popular method that malicious actors might use to try to compromise your network. This kind of attack is designed to gain access to your network and damage it without you knowing.

A more sophisticated attack is an SQL injection. If a hacker manages to succeed in an SQL injection attack, they can enter illicit commands into your database and potentially lock you out of your own server.

Use HTTPS for Your Domain

Cyberattacks are now an everyday occurrence. As a result, it’s challenging for entrepreneurs to stay on top of cybersecurity and the types of data that can be hacked. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to protect your network and your proprietary information – although no network is 100% bulletproof.

For example, you should host your e-commerce platform using HTTPS protocol. Before you can do so, however, you need to purchase a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.

It’s critical that you purchase your SSL certificate from a credible vendor. Once you’ve purchased your SSL certificate, you’ll need to install it on your e-commerce platform.

Make Protecting Consumer Data a Priority

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) publishes cybersecurity best practices for organizations that must protect sensitive information. The agency recommends that decision-makers limit who has access to proprietary data. They also suggest disposing of outdated information, especially financial data. Also, recommends the FTC, you should make sure that employees and outside vendors with access to your network use sophisticated, unique passwords.

You should also limit how many times anyone can attempt to login. This way, you’ll receive notification if someone tries to break into your network, and at the same time, you’ll lock that individual out of the system.

If the person is authorized to use your network, they can simply call tech support to request access. If the person isn’t authorized to use your network, this extra layer of security can protect your data.

It’s important to note that your security procedures for digital information should address data as its created and as it ages. In other words, you should implement one set of rules for new or active data and another set of rules for data that’s archived in case you need to reference it later.

You should also make use of cybersecurity features such as firewalls and intrusion detection software. These kinds of tools enable IT personnel to monitor and secure your network.

Make Cybersecurity a Business Priority

E-commerce platforms collect a lot of information about buyers and browsers. The same information that you collect about your buyers is the same information that hackers covet.

Today, data is the hottest commodity around. It ranks number one in dollar value. Customer passwords, however, come in at number five in dollar value.

Cybersecurity is essential for the sustained operation of your enterprise. If internal and external stakeholders fail to comply with cybersecurity procedures and policies your business could face heavy fines, or worse, closure.

E-commerce, as you can see, is about more than getting the word out about your brand. You must make sure to protect consumer data as well as other proprietary information.

However, securing your network can prove challenging. Especially since malicious actors come up with creative ways to compromise networks every day.

Accordingly, it’s your responsibility to stay on top of the latest trends in cybersecurity. By doing so you can protect the reputation of your company and retain the loyalty of your buyers.

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