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How to Set Up A Presentation in the Last Minute? Valuable Tips You Should Know

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Panic sets in when there is a requirement of a presentation in the last minute. This is a common scenario in the corporate companies and the executives have to deal with such situations. Though the level of stress shoots up, yet the work has to be done. And if it has to be done; then it is better to do it with a calm and cool mind. A focused mind will always deliver the best results.

When time is scarce and performance is inevitable, then it is better to perform. Thus to aim to get fruitful results, a few tips can be followed.

Make short notes for the presentation

It is always advisable to understand the actual concept and matter required for the presentation. When the topic is clear, making notes is not a big deal. The scarcity of time will not allow you to go deep in the details and thus the understanding of the main points can do the job.


Be sure of the information which is available

Having short and concise information is essential but having the correct information is the most important. Fumbling in the presentation is the least expected from the presenter. Thus ensure that the basic facts are clear and the presentation revolves around

Keep the Presentation slides simple

It is very essential to make the presentation that is simple and the slide should have recall value. This will allow the listener to connect with the information offered to them very easily. When the audience is able to recall the presentation, then be sure that the presentation is a big

The presentation should be convincing

It is an important point which should not be ignored. The content of the presentation should be enough to keep the interest of the audience intact. The start and end should be powerful. This will engage the audience and they will not ask difficult questions. If the context is kept simple, then the connect value will be very

Pay attention to language and avoid silly mistakes

Do make sure that a basic spell check is completed before you finalize your presentation. It would be even better if you have a grammar/spelling/language checking tool like Grammarly or similar which can point out mistakes in seconds and save you from embarrassment later. Invest in improving your spoken English because irrespective of what anyone else may opine English as the language of business communication in India has no alternative or even a close competitor. Learn more about the importance of English in shaping your personality here as getting into those details will take us out of the scope of the current

Keep Some Templates ready to use

When it is a last minute presentation, you cannot afford to waste time on templates, designs, branding etc. You need to feed the information quickly and show the conclusions and takeaways of the meeting/presentation. So work on templates and keep them ready. Try to avoid customizing a template as per your prospective customer’s branding at the last moment. It is unnecessary and you should rather be using this time to improve your information

The Presentation is only as Good as the Presenter

Please note that your audience is looking up to you more than your presentation. You could have just mailed them the presentation and they would have viewed it at home. But, that does not case the human explaining the facts and figures in any presentation is perceived better and as intended by the presenter. So your appearance and confidence are the most important things to focus on. Learn some quick professional makeup tricks or take a session with an image consultant to be presentation ready in less than 30 minutes.


Tip: You can keep one all-purpose theme based on your company’s branding and values. 

These tips will surely prove to be great guidelines for the effective designing of the presentation at the last minute. Due to the scarcity of time, there is nothing much which can be done but the scope for a good performance is always in your hands and the best should be extracted out of the available opportunity.

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