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How to Speed up Admission Process to Study in Canada

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There is no doubt that Canada is the international students’ best destination in the world. The students from all over the world come and study in many different universities in Canada. There are many reasons why many students come to study in Canada. Firstly, if you compare to other countries like America, Australia or UK, Canada offers the cheapest tuition fee. Secondly, Canada also offers the best quality of education. When you study in Canada, your qualification is recognized all over the world. Additionally, living cost in Canada is relatively cheaper than in other countries.

However, not all students can study in Canada easily. To enter Canada and study in the University of their Choice, international students have to go through a lengthy admission process especially on the visa screening process. For international students who want to speed up their admission process, they must pay attention to the following aspects:

Apply for your visa through a VAC (Visa Application Center).

If you have, scanner, credit card, and internet connection, you can apply for your visa through a VAC online system. This online application system will allow you to get your student visa quickly. The authorities have specifically designed the VAC system to make the visa application process smoother and convenient for the applicant. The VAC performs a pre-screening of the application. This, it does ensure that all documents submitted get completed and meet with CIC’s requirement.

Apply for Your Visa Earlier

Although the VAC will provide estimation when your visa is ready, it is essential to apply for a visa earlier than your admission date. If you have to face some problems related to your visa, you will have enough time to solve the problems

Get Your Police Certificate and Medical Exam as Soon as Possible

Submitting medical exam is not mandatory for all students. However, it will speed up your admission process. The same thing happens to the police certificate. Some students have to provide a police certificate. Getting a police certificate may take time. Therefore, it is important that you take your police certificate earlier and send them as soon as they are available. This will prevent any unnecessary delay in your admission process.

Submit All Your Required Documents Earlier and Make Sure All the Documents are Correct and Legible

You have to make sure that all documents submitted are clear and correct, and also make sure your documents have to be translated into English or French. If you submit incorrect or missing information, your admission process will most likely get delayed.

In summary, do you want to study in Canada? Well, you may consider the above tips on how to speed up admission as an international student. You may send your application directly to the campus or you can rely on a certain service that offers an international education program.

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