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How to Start a College in India

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How to Start a College in India

In India there are many government and private colleges are established, however still due to the growing need for education, there is a need for more colleges. Establishing a Private College is a profitable option in today’s market.  While one is starting to think of open a college in India you have to do research on the procedure for establishment of a college. It is important to understand each and every process during the establishment of a college. To start a college is not an easy task and it doesn’t mean that you need only a good infrastructure for opening a college. You have to decide what you want to offer i.e. in which field you want to offer programs.  So you can apply for seeking permission from various governmental bodies.

Opening a private college

Step 1

For a successful opening of a private college, you have to prepare a plan for investment and profit and have to plan each and every single thing. Thus, starting a college is a team effort rather than an individual task. Various committees can be set up for proper distribution of work. You also have to decide the structure of your college, you can form a society, trust or a public company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 or a Private Company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013.

Step 2

Once the idea and the plan are formed you have to think of the name of your university. The name should be unique and new. It is important to register your name/ brand for a trademark so only you are authorized to use your college name. Also, university and college name fall within Class 41 of the Trademark Act, 1999. You can make an application form with the prescribed fee. A trademark is 10 year and you can renew the same. You can also file an application in E-form and it is the fastest process for Brand Registration. You require a soft copy of the logo in JPEG format and mention your Logo or the Trademark, Name, and address of the Trademark owner, classification or Trademark class, Trademark used since date and description of the goods or services.

Steps involved in establishing college

Step 3

Once your name is decided and a plan is formulated you will have to apply for licensing your college. For this, you will have to research very well for requirements for various documents and seeking permission from various government bodies. You have to get your college approval from UGC. You have to fulfill the requirements of the central and state laws like UGC guidelines and norms. Like earlier the private companies were not allowed to open the Medical College, however, due to recent amendment; private companies are now permitted to open medical college after fulfilling the criterion provided under The Indian Medical Council Act, 1956. You also need to take care of the approvals as per you Professional courses like for Law College you need approval from the bar council. Also, you also have to take a Non-objection certificate from the local body when you start planning for college.

Step 4

Next thing that you have to focus on is promotion and infrastructure of your college. You have to prepare a good plan for the promotion of college for which you have to promote in your local area and newspapers etc. You have to make a good infrastructure in which all basic facilities will be provided to students. A good infrastructure is highly in demand nowadays. Now day’s students are looking forward to all basic facilities which should be available in a college like a library having vast varieties of books, Wi-Fi campus, digital lectures etc.

While coming to investment, college requires a lot of investment in college. So it is not possible for a single person to invest a large amount on this. You can also start a college by making a Pvt Ltd Company Registration in India. For making a Private limited company following are the requirements:

  • Minimum 2 people required to act as Director
  • There can be maximum 15 directors.

Final Step

As far as the registration is concerned, you have to fulfill the conditions provided under the Companies Act, 2013 like:

  • Make Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association governing the working of your company.
  • Apply for the name of the company it takes 1-2 days to the registrar of the company.
  • The signing of the incorporation form requires a digital signature.
  • Also, the directors of your Company must have a Director Identification Number (DIN). If they don’t have DIN then they can get themselves register under the Companies Act, 2013.
  • You can apply for incorporation form. You have to mention each and every single detail of the company.

Follow these steps for registering your institue

Lastly, after establishing a college you have to look forward to and resolve every issue and management of your company. Although starting a college is not an easy task but one can definitely start a college with teamwork and some research. Starting the college means you have accomplished half your job. After establishing a college you have to look after it and the way the college is managed.

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