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How to Supplement Your Earnings as a Teacher

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Being a teacher is one of the greatest and most respected professionals in the society. Teachers are nurtures and the source of the biggest talents and professionals in the world.

However, as much as it may be a bitter pill to swallow, teachers are not in the top earning bracket employees in many nations.

Many teachers love their profession and so quitting is out of question. Besides, who could teach all those amazing leaders in all nations and innovators?

However, bills got to be paid at the end of the day so I am here to share idea of how yo can make more money in your profession as a teacher;

  1. Blogging

    I will start with this most obvious one. Most teacher are naturally creative. As a teacher, you can therefore start a parenting blog teaching parents on the psychology of kids.
    You can also diversify to another topic you are passionate about that you practice during your free time.
    You can earn through affiliate links, partnerships and advertisements.
    You can blog from anywhere and anytime, as long as you have a good laptop and a great quality connection.

  2. Sell Your Curriculum

    Homeschooling is become popular every day in all nations. Parents are looking for the right curriculum to use with your kids.
    Other teachers also want to learn from fellow teachers so they can buy from you too.
    Platforms like Educents and TeachersPayTeachers will see your curriculum for you without your direct involvement.
    Your pay therefore depends on the number of purchases.
    This is more like a passive income gig.

  3. Caregiving and Babysitting

    As aforementioned, teachers are nurtures, they are also very patient individuals. As a teacher, you can therefore take care of elderly individuals with no trouble.
    Many families are choosing the option of employing a caregiver for their elderly loved ones instead of signing them up in nursing homes.
    Alternatively, you can also baby sit.
    You can search online platforms that will join you to families that need such services.
    The pay ranges somewhere between $12 and $15.
    This kind of hustle is best when you are on holidays.

  4. Freelancing

    If you are writing skills are perfect but you find the procedure of starting your own blog a big hustle, you can settle for freelancing.
    The best part of freelancing is that you start earning immediately compared to starting a blog where you have to wait for it gain followers and traffic before you earn.
    You can get gigs in websites like Fivverr offer those opportunities.
    Some freelancers earn up to $500 per gig.

  5. Go Back to School

    Most teachers don’t have a record of growing their career. If you have a certificate, make an effort of getting a diploma, if you have the latter then get a degree and so on.
    Having higher education increases your chance of earning more in your career.
    You could even land more paying opportunities.
    Schools like Midwest Teacher’s Institute offer multiple courses for teachers at very fair prices.

  6. Online Tutoring

    Many students across the world are need of tutoring for a deeper understanding of their studies.
    You can teach English or any other subject you consider your strength.
    It is like your usual job in a different ‘classroom”
    The biggest con of online tutoring you can teach students after school, as you can choose students in a time zone that favors your schedule.

  7. Write an Ebook

    This is another way to share your knowledge and earn extra dimes. It can be an ebook to help students study more effectively, an ebook teaching parents on how to help their kids in school issues.  It can even be a book for young aspiring teachers. There is just so much that you can write as a teacher.
    Writing an ebook only takes a maximum of three months to complete and it could become a lifetime source of massive of income.

Bottom Line

Many people are torn between a career based on the potential earning or something they love.

The dilemma makes sense because you don’t want to go broke doing something love or get paid and hate waking up every day.

I recommend going for something you love and maximizing all the ways they are to earn from your passion.

At the end of the day you end up earning more than you expected doing what you love.

It only takes patience but it is all worth it.

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