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How to Tell If You Are Built for A Career in Programming?

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All About Career in Programming!

Software programmers have some of the best and fun workspaces. They get to work in an open, engaging, and casual environment. Even better, they are among the highest paid professionals in the information technology world. They seem to be blessed particularly for enjoying their career in programming.

Unfortunately, the individuals who possess raw intelligence but lack the right attitude to create a viable career in the industry have littered the custom software development market.

If you are still not sure of the available computer programmer career opportunities, you have come to the right place. First of all, such a career often comes with a high salary rate and seems like this won’t change, at least in the nearest future. So, how much does it cost to hire a programmer in 2019? What are the common programming jobs? Therefore, the credentials you need to start a programming career are some of the questions this article will help you answer.

What is Programming?

Programming is the process of encoding an algorithm into a notation that can be executed using a computer. Tasks like generation and analysis of algorithms, profiling, resource consumption, algorithms implementation, and others such, characterize it.

FAQs on Sphere of Programming

Types of Programming Languages

Simply put, programming languages are notations that programmers specifically design to connect instructions to a computer or a machine. Here are the most in-demand programming languages that you may need to specialize in.

Procedural Programming Language

This users of this language normally use it to execute a series of statements leading to a result. Hence, PPL employs multiple variables and heavy loops consequently dissociating them from functional programming languages.

Functional Programming Language

Functional programming is a programming language that favors expression evaluation rather than command execution.

Object-oriented language

Object-oriented programming language basically sees the world as a conglomerate of objects that have internal data and external parts accessing that data.

Scripting Programming Language

A scripting programming language is often procedural but features an element of object-oriented language. However, it’s not a full-fledged programming language as it lacks some aspects that would be important while developing large systems.

Logic Programming Language

The logic programming language allows programmers to stipulate declarative statements and leave the computer to figure out the consequences. Simply put, it doesn’t tell the machine how to execute the task but employs restrictions on what the computer can do.

Back to the question… is programming a good career? The answer is yes. But before we delve into that, we had earlier talked about how big the remote programmer salary is.

According to Glassdoor, the average annual web developer salary in the US is $91,887. In the UK, the same individual would take home an average of £39,155/yr. Although this is just an opaque representation of the whole industry, it goes to show how much you can make as a developer.

Different Types of Programming Jobs

There are plenty of opportunities for veteran and upcoming programmers to pursue. So whether you are looking to spend your days writing code or want to branch as you progress in your career, there is something for everyone.

Software Application Developer

Software developers are the brains behind creating and enhancing mobile and tablets apps. This is especially a great career path if you have the “big picture” mentality and envy collaborating with people to bring ideas into actualization.

Web Developer

The normal websites you normally visit while online is a direct result of the website developer’s work. They generally operate by listening to the clients’ needs and creates solutions to solve their problems.

Database Administrator

Another great career in the programming world is that of a database administrator. They are generally in charge of securing, organizing, and troubleshooting online stored data. If you have a knack for analyzing and information recovery, this is where you belong.

Computer Systems Analyst

System analysts work on behalf of companies to determine the most viable system upgrades and draw strategies on how to implement them.

Computer Network Architect

System architects are basically tasked with connecting multiple computers in a company using a centralized system. Systems upgrade and evaluation is also part of their job

How do you Determine whether Programming is your Cup of Tea?

Well, there is nothing like a single eureka moment that will determine whether you are destined to be a programmer. However, there are a few character traits and skill sets that successful programmers should at least have. They include;

Ability to Learn New Things

Software engineering is totally different from a job like accounting where you learn once and never go back to learn again. It involves constant mastering of new software languages and techniques.

A good programmer should be ready to master new skills. Failure to which could render them becoming antiquated within a very short period.

A Passion to Improve the Surroundings

Good programmers are not only committed to improving themselves but also the world around them. After all, software engineering entails a never-ending journey of tinkering.

A Logical and Analytical Mindset

Coding is all about putting your solution forward with minimal code. The key to accomplishing that lies in logical thinking. It empowers you to take complex instructions and condensing them into integral parts that actually work. As such, if you have a soft spot for logic games like chess or riddles, chances are that you can make an outstanding programmer.

Attention to Detail

A minor mistake in code could lead to multiple bugs and crashes. This translates into a bad reputation, customer complaints, and in the worst case scenario loss of revenue. An eloquent programmer should have sharp attention to detail to overcome these thin ices.

A Great Team Player

Although this may seem like a no-brainer suggestion, being a team player is a critically important skill for any programmer. We can all agree that coding in itself is often done in solitary. However, the disjointed pieces of work are assembled together to form an indispensable product thus making teamwork paramount.

A good software engineering team always maximizes on individual capabilities which eventually culminates in the final product.

What Type of Education Do Computer Programmers Need?

Most jobs in computer programming demand that you have a bachelor’s degree. However, given the shortage of skills in the tech talent pool, there are companies that are willing to accept certain certificates.

Whether you choose the Degree, Diploma, or Certificate, the college or university that is recognized for IT programs or math will usually give you a great head-start. Another way to stay ahead of the pack is taking programming internships. This is because internships are always the first stops for companies not sure where to hire developers from.

Facts and Figures for The Indian IT Industry

We also recommend that you look for a career advisor already working in the programming field you wish to work in. They could prove a great resource in advising you the credentials you need to make your journey easier.

Final Thoughts

If you are still asking, ‘what career should I pursue?’, there are plenty of opportunities in the programming field. Companies won’t hesitate to hire individuals with a history of technology skills on a resume. If you are just starting out, you can start by mastering the technical background of this technology. However, if you are a veteran sleeping on your skills, it’s time to dust your software engineer resume and make big bucks.

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