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How to Prepare for GATE in Remaining 3 Months?

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In the remaining time of 3 months for taking GATE, you don’t have much time for getting a nice long spell for getting a warm up and starting with your basics. Indeed, it is only the time for addressing the heads and topics of your study, which demand quicker attention. Let’s, therefore, focus on the tips to prepare for GATE in remaining 3 months.

The First Month

As mentioned above, it’s no more the time to start with your basics totally afresh. At the most, you can take up only those spots, which you think can possibly mar your GATE scores ultimately, if they have a greater likelihood of appearing in the exam. Instead, you must focus more on covering each topic (focusing first on those having more likelihood of appearing in the exam) of each subject. Thus, your most important goal this month should be to complete your GATE syllabus.

Mentioning this, we should also remark that there is still much time left for taking up the points of continuing practicing with solved/unsolved papers of GATE of few last years. Also, there is time to start taking your sectional mock tests and discover your weaker spheres, thus.

The Gist

  • Complete your syllabus
  • Continue practicing with last years’ solved/unsolved papers
  • Take sectional mock tests and work for your thus discovered loopholes

The Intermediary Second Month

This month is for making your transition, from taking your section-based mock tests, to the ones based on subjects. Hence, practice them as much as you can. Though, moving from sections to the subjects invariably means that you’ve progressed up on the ladder of preparation, revising through subject-based mock-tests will go a long way for you. Besides familiarizing you with the pattern and nature of the exam, these tests strengthen you along with the passing time. Besides, there is one startling revelation to make- mock tests are the best tools if you possess a robust preparation (or a little lighter version) of a (or more) subject(s).

The Gist

The Last Month of Your Preparation

In the last month, you may find things improving in terms of your preparation. Provided that you’ve really gone through a sturdy work-out, you can now move on to taking full-length mock tests. By this time, one expects that you must have learned better management of time. The numbers of problems, regarding your sound study, must subside or be non-existent by now.

The Gist

  • Take full-length mock tests

The Lessons to Help You Out!

Expecting that you will work with a lethal combination of smart and hard work, we are quite hopeful that you will clear the exam with flying colors!

But, in the midst of the things you need to be aware of some lessons! You might also suffer from some roller-coaster rides of emotions in these 3 months. The absence of a minimum required level of preparation can really give you pangs! Contrarily, a sturdy preparation may make you float in the sea of misconceptions and over-confidence. But remember, they are the dead and rotten organisms that float upon such a sea of misconceptions.

Hence, if you don’t want to have that buoyancy, it’s best to keep yourself protected within a healthy and living organism of robust preparation.

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