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How to Write a Good Report?

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Do you know characteristics of a good report?

A report is a document whose purpose is to communicate and account for a situation from different perspectives. That is, it is something which describes a thorough investigation of a matter. A report can be requested in any field, whether in the workplace, the student-related matters, those of the university, freelance writing, or the commercials etc. But, to elaborate them properly it is essential to take into account some steps. Following these steps will greatly facilitate you to write a good report.

Discover the model of report writing in English below.

Steps to follow:


One must prepare a report with a clear, precise, concrete and objective language. You should avoid including personal assessments using verbal forms such as I think, I would like, desire, etc. Instead, other words and phrases like observed, analyzed, proceeded, etc. should replace those forms.

Some do's and don'ts of report writing


There are different types of reports, and these can be expository, interpretive or demonstrative.

The expository report is a sequence of events that one narrates without analysis and interpretations of the author. It must contain background information that helps to understand the narrated content. For example, the sale of products in commercial stores.

The interpretative report analyzes the situations to draw conclusions and to be able to give the opportune recommendations, for example, to carry out the evaluation on pedagogical practices.

The demonstration report is the one that arises after a study, describes the steps followed, the conclusions obtained, also receives the name of a scientist or technician.


Specifically, the completion of a report must have the following phases:

set the objective, select the information, analyze the latter, evaluate and verify, structure the report, and proceed to work on it.


To set the goal, ask yourself these questions:

Who is the report for? What is the use that it is going to give you? What knowledge do you have about the subject? These questions are important to ask before you start writing the report.


Define the preliminary phase of the activities you will perform to achieve the proposed evaluation criteria. Determine the sources of information, human resources, and material resources to extract the data. Once extracted, analyze all the selected information, organize it and start making comparisons.


Evaluate the data and proceed to verify them, consolidate the information, organize and prepare the written report. Good reports should tell you what the source of certain information is, for that you must write down the source, you can do it by adding a number next to the data in question and in the footnote or in an annex to put the source.


One can divide the main structure of the report into three parts:

The introduction answers the questions: for what? why? and with what?

The Kinds of Report Formats

The development presents the procedures or methodology used to collect the information and answers the “how?” of it.

The conclusion is where the results are presented. It answers the questions: what was found? and what should be done?


As general recommendations and tips to apply to your report, we give you the following:

The report must be objective. One can’t accept subjectivity in it. A good report must mention all the possible data. The further characteristic of a good report is that it is organized. It describes in detail each step followed. It cites the sources of information that you have consulted. Hence, to write a competent report, write short, clear, precise and concrete paragraphs. State it precisely, and then finally present it.

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