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How To Write A Personal Statement For University Courses

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If you’re applying to a university for the first time, you may need some help with writing a personal statement. Luckily, we have compiled a list of handy tips that will help you write an excellent personal statement with ease:

  • Create A Rough Draft

If you ever ask a writer on tips for personal statement writing, they’re going to tell you the name of one undeniably powerful tool: drafts. Every personal statement you will be asked to write for a university or course will give you a set word limit. However, if you begin by penning down your essay within the word limit, you may miss out on many important things you should have mentioned.

For example, most students begin writing with the word limit in mind and begin editing prematurely, which causes them to skip out on important content. So, remember, when you write your first draft, you can make it as long as you need it.

If the word limit is 4000 words, for example, feel free to ignore it and do, say, 6000. Remember, you can always cut down later. What’s important is that you don’t have any unfinished or undeveloped thoughts in your statement.

  • Create Tailored Drafts

After your first draft is complete, take a day or a few hours off. Clear your mind of all the thoughts related to what you’ve just written so that once you return to it, you’ll have a fresh and unbiased perspective on your work.

Your first draft will be flooded with errors, loopholes, and things you’ll need to omit or add on. Read through your work thoroughly and begin editing it. At this point, you need not focus on your grammar or spelling. Instead, try to focus solely on content. Make sure you remove all the excess details and trim your work down to its purest, most distilled form.

  • Avoid Flowery Language

Before learning how to avoid it, you need to understand what it is: flowery language refers to the use of excessively complicated or elaborate terms and phrases in order to sound skilled or smart. Sadly, it often has the opposite effect. Remember, university employees don’t have time to process flowery language; instead, they prefer reading simple, straightforward essays that use proper grammar.

Try to keep your essay as to-the-point as possible. Avoid delving into excessive details that won’t affect the plot, theme, or help strengthen your argument. Doing this proves that you have a clear understanding of the topic at hand and aren’t beating around the bush, but providing distilled content, instead.

  • Edit Your Work

Once your draft is finalized, it’s time to whip out your editing tools and fix any smaller flaws in your work. This includes correcting your grammar, spelling, and overall correctness. You can also try and improve upon what’s already written by rephrasing sentences or rearranging phrases. Another excellent way to boost your writing is by swiping out simple words for powerful metaphors or idioms to help make your writing interesting to read. Feel free to go back and edit your work as many times as you deem fit till you are satisfied with your final product.

  •  Ask Someone to Read Your Personal Statement

Third-person input is a valuable tool; you can use it to better your personal statement. If you want advice on how to write a personal statement, go ahead and call up a friend or parent who can help you out. Request someone you trust with powerful literary skills to read through your work; also, ask them for a quick analysis of your writing. Use their input when revising your work further; a little effort can go a long way!

An alternative method is to approach a professional for help with your personal statement. An online personal statement writing service can help you pen down an excellent personal statement. The purpose of a personal statement service, like, is to help you gather your thoughts and put them down in an organized manner tailored to suit your university application’s needs.

  • Watch the Clock

Before committing to writing a personal statement, take note of how much time you have available. Is it enough for you to be able to draft an excellent personal statement? A few hours aren’t enough, and neither is just a few days. You will need ample time to complete your essay, and then revise it multiple times till you are happy with the result. You may also need to take a break in the middle from your work to freshen your mind; this break could mean a few days or just one. So, be sure to take into account the time factor before scheduling your writing sessions.

  • Make It All About YOU!

Remember, this is your personal statement; it has to be all about you! Avoid rambling on about irrelevant topics that don’t bear much influence upon your personality, goals, or lifestyle. Instead, talk about topics that interest you; bonus points if they tie-in with the course you are applying to. Your personal statement must be customized and relevant to who you are as a person; this might be your only shot at impressing your university recruitment committee with your unique personality, so give it your best shot! Be sure to highlight what makes you who you are and shed light upon all the brilliant things which you can bring to the table.


Using these tips, your personal statement is bound to be amongst the best ones the university will be seeing that season. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to think things over before you pen them down, and then some more for you to edit and reconstruct your work.

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