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How to Pursue an Effective Research Writing?

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While in college or the university, your professors and instructors will ask you to engage in research writing based on your academic discipline. Writing a college paper is a challenging and exasperating task for many students. This is because, as the name suggests, it involves a lot of research. Additionally, it requires you to devote adequate time, effort, and focus to produce a good paper. Many students often choose to seek research paper writing help from writing service and purchase research articles online primarily because they do not know how to gather credible and reliable sources of information as well as what the purpose of a research paper is.

Why Write a Research Article?

Writing a research article is fundamental in the academic career of a student. This is because it equips you with knowledge and skills which you cannot learn from other academic writing tasks. Hence, when asked to write a research paper by your professor or instructor, you need to ensure you have developed and nurtured your research paper writing skills. This will help you get the grades you have been dreaming about hence boosting your overall performance. Other benefits of writing a research paper include;

  • Good reading skills. Writing a research article develops and improves your reading skills. You can read books and articles for critical evaluation and not for knowledge purposes. Additionally, it boosts your reasoning skills by enabling you to think outside the box when reading books and articles to gather credible sources for your research article.
  • Good writing skills. Writing a research paper helps you to comprehend the process of scientific discovery and how you can document it to reach other people.
  • Knowledge about your academic discipline. Knowing much about the topic of your assignment augments your knowledge about it. Also, you can explore, synthesize, and evaluate other topics which you cannot comprehend. This helps you to expand your knowledge about different topics.
  • Learn about creativity and originality. Research paper writing helps you learn how you can make your paper unique and interesting as possible. Through ample research, you can develop your approaches and make your paper as outstanding and interesting as you can.

Structure of a Research Article

A research article follows a particular format as an essay. When writing your research paper, ensure that you stick to the paper structure. This will help you jot down your ideas in a systematic manner after you gather sufficient information from your research. Additionally, it will guide you through the whole writing process. So, you do not need to worry about how you will write your paper after collecting the information you need. To learn how to write a research article, use the paper structure below.


An annotation in a research paper writing is an interpretation or explanation of the research material. When writing an annotation to your research paper, you need to respond to the author’s writing (of research material). How do you consider his work? What are your thoughts while you consider his work? Ask questions, challenge yourself, and think outside the box.

When annotating someone else’s work, your mind ought to experience theirs in an open and free manner. Annotating involves generating your ideas and insights. And to do so, below are some efficient tips you can embrace;

  • Predict what the research material is about.
  • Question the research material to further comprehension.
  • Determine what is significant.
  • Identify keywords and phrases.
  • Summarize the research material in your words.
  • Monitor your comprehension during and after engaging with the research material.
  • Give information from a unique perspective.


A prologue is fundamentally crucial in writing a research article. This is because it is used to give the audience additional information which advances the plot of the paper. It usually appears at the beginning of the article, similar to the introduction of an essay. It is often used to:

  • Give background information about the story.
  • Capture the attention of the audience.
  • Describe or elucidate a scene from the past, which is essential in the development of the story.
  • Give information from a unique perspective.
  • Express different points with time.

When writing your prologue, ensure you make it as interesting as possible, it is not lengthy, it is different from your hook, limits the background information, and has a consistent tone or language.

Main Part

The main part of a research article is similar to the body of an essay. This is where you provide extensive information about your article while supporting your claims or assertions. The main part of a research article is categorized into different portions to not only enable the writer to convey their point clearly but also help the audience understand it with ease. The main part of a research paper comprises;

  • Literature review. The literature review describes or uncovers what other authors have written about the topic in discussion.
  • This is the easiest part to write as it involves your clarification on the precise design and methodology used to conduct the research.
  • This is where the research articles analysis is presented. However, it depends on whether the research study was naturally qualitative or quantitative.
  • This is where you get to interpret the results, elaborate your discoveries, and elucidate your findings.


The epilogue of a research paper is the final part of the article. It is similar to the conclusion of an essay. This is where you build on your discussion and try to show the relationship between your discoveries and other research. You can also state speculations, inferences, or hunches.

General Requirements for Writing Research Articles

In conclusion, writing a research article can be a complicated task if you do not dedicate your time, focus, and attention to it. Also, the task can be overwhelming if you do not know how to gather information from credible and reliable sources. Conversely, when asked to write a research paper, above is the order of a research article you can use to produce a good paper. However, you need to know and understand the general requirements of writing a research paper.

First, you need to present your topic based on your analysis or study of a subject. Secondly, you need to ensure you know how long your paper ought to be as research articles vary in length. Thirdly, your focus ought to be on the substance of your point of view. Do not provide the audience with a particular opinion or argument and draw your focus elsewhere. Lastly, note that the style of your paper ought to depend on the topic. The citation, however, may vary with the academic discipline.

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