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How to Write Articles That Spark Interest?

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Avail These Tips Baleful to Write an Effective Article!

Let us say, you have formed an opinion regarding an urgent problem and want to share it with others. What are the ways of doing so? You can share your thoughts with your family, friends, and peers. But what if you need a bigger audience? You will write about it and get it published, right?

There are many people who badly want to tell the world about their beliefs and thus consider writing an article as a pretty good thing to do. Once they are done, they have it published in magazines, journals, etc. Skillful authors have their works posted on the most popular blogs and shared by many on various social networking platforms.

You know that sky is the limit, and if you want to succeed in this field, then you have to read on. Here, you will get to know more about academic writing format and learn how to craft outstanding papers that will impress your recipients. What’s more, it may also bring you some cash! By the way, if you want to have entire life devoted to writing and other literary pursuits, you certainly can look forward to studying thoroughly for it.

Personality Traits of Published Authors and Working Writers

What is an Article?

It is a piece of writing drafted specifically for a big group. It is usually published in either a journal or magazine in order to make some difference to a wide audience. Some authors cover topics of their personal interests, while others prefer to address existential problems. These can be either serious topics or entertaining ones. The same is when it comes to rhythm and language.

All articles are arranged in a specific way in order to engage the recipients’ attention. Normally, they include a title, list of the authors’ full names, main body part consisting of two or more paragraphs, and a concluding section, which adds finishing touches and includes the authors’ suggestions, recommendations, and so on.

Rules of Articles: Dos and Don’ts

There are different types of academic writing; however, the main point is the same – weak papers leave no impression. Strong ones change the way people think, gain followers, wield influence, and stand on dignity. Crafting them is highly valued and respected pursuit. And to create papers that make a difference to the world, consider the following pieces of advice:

Do write a short opening

A lengthy intro can make your recipients stop reading hardly they start. If your readers have to cope with a huge text before they can get to the main idea of your piece, most of them are very likely to give up half-way. By making it simple and yet catchy, you can get your recipients engaged in reading much easier. Prove to your recipients that you provide an outstanding piece of writing rather than expect them to invest a lot of effort in reading it.

Don’t include dense paragraphs

Just like a lengthy opening, a continuous text can discourage your readers from reading your piece until the end. Let’s accept it honestly. It is much easier for your recipients, to acquire info that is put in relatively short paragraphs. Therefore, try to break up your text so as your recipients chase the thread of your thoughts flawlessly. Don’t neglect to give them some space for reflection. Balance your text with empty lines just like you balance your speech with intonation.

Do keep it short

This rule results from the above-mentioned one. It is crucial to get rid of all unnecessary words in sentences. If a particular sentence doesn’t bring your reader any closer to the point, then blot it out with no regret.

Don’t write for the sake of generating content

There is nothing worse than an article that has no value. There are so many pieces that are packed as something extremely useful but in fact, they give nothing but the time people waste reading them. They contain abstract information and thus are completely meaningless. Even though they are made up of words, there is nothing behind them indeed. For you to generate valuable content, it is crucial to write with the sense of purpose. Deliver info that matters and that can come in handy.

Do tell stories

Everybody likes reading stories. Just for the record, it is hard to find a person that doesn’t respond to compelling stories. Therefore, the best way to spark your recipients’ attention is to choose among the article writing topics that somehow intertwine with your readers’ life. Opening your paper with a catchy story is a great way to start your piece. And keeping it brief, simple, and yet meaningful is compulsory.

Don’t tell but show first

Start by showing your recipients your claims in action, then offer your explanation for them, and finally, tell your readers why they matter. Your all ideas should be illustrated first and only then explained. If you decide to present them in another order, then you are very likely to bore your recipients very soon.

Other Personality Traits of Writers

Do practice a lot

This is the final and but still very important rule. You should never stop practicing as this is the only way for you to sharpen your skills.

All people have much to share with others. In truth, you have much more to tell than you can imagine – and the universe is always in need of valuable and meaningful pieces that provide knowledge and help others understand the world better. If you have an idea of how to write an article, why not to give it a try?!

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