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How You Can Boost Your Career Using PMP Certification?

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A project manager is an important position in the management sector as they need to oversee single or various projects at the same time. Even, they have to manage other tasks such as managing team which is working and the client who assigned the project. Hence, there are numerous certifications in this sphere of management and PMP is one of the hardest. If an individual clears that, he can find a decent line of work in an MNC.

There are numerous institutes accessible on the internet that provide PMP Training where an individual can settle on an intelligent decision to attempt the course to end up a capable project manager.

As per the PMI (Project Management Institute), the professionals who hold the PMP certification get 36% higher salary than the professional without certification.

The certification builds the expertise dimension of an applicant, and he can find a high compensation line of work in the wake of doing the certification effectively.

Here are the reasons that will help you to understand “how PMP certification helps in boosting your career in the management sector.”

PMP Unlocks Competitive Edge

These days, various individuals are choosing certifications not only for increasing their knowledge but also for improving their resume. Because once the certification provides approval to the applicants, it gives them an extra edge over the professionals not ensured with PMP certification.

Also, completing certification not only provides you with an extra edge but also bring quality in your resume. The information about certification in your resume keeps you in a favorable position.

Moreover, PMP is a prestigious certification and one of the hardest certifications to pursue. By understanding the difficulty of certification; usually, applicants prefer to take PMP training.

There are various kinds of PMP training that are available online. Usually, applicants aim to complete their certifications in their first attempts. In online training, they learn basics about PMP and understand every aspect related to Project Management.

Quality Resume

People are increasingly adopting certifications all around the world; an applicant has to pass a lot of barriers while pursuing certification. As a solution, applicants select online training courses which help them to understand basics and overcome all the barriers which they face while applying for the certification.

As an amateur, a project management certification will help you to increase the value of the resume. Studies have demonstrated that the recruiters partition the resumes into two classes. Hence, the resumes have one class that is with PMP certification and the other one that is without it.

Worldwide Language

The applicant who finds it difficult to pass PMP certification gets help from PMP training. The PMP training helps the candidate to become an expert in the field of project management.

Also, it makes them learn the global standard language. This language helps them to register with the project executives and managers. PMP tells the competitor about the project objectives, assets, suspicions, dangers, and partners.

During the training, the applicant enhances the communication skills that further helps the applicant in becoming expert in the project management processes. And this might also make the employer favor him.

PMP language encourages the contender to speak with the group, sellers, and customers and furthermore causes him to disclose anything to them.

Growing Demand for Certified Project Managers

With changing market and technological trends, the demand for project managers is also increasing. In every organization, small or large everywhere there is a demand for project managers. As per the survey, around 41% of IT companies require a project manager, specifically certified in PMP.

Taking care of patterns in projects is changing continually; thus the organization needs the managers to deal with the new patterns.

Every day in the market players are introducing new projects which ultimately raises the demand for project managers. And due to such reasons, the popularity of PMP (Project Management Professionals) certification rises

Communication Opportunities

In order to hold PMP certification, an applicant can apply in any institution that provides PMP certification course. Using PMP institutes, the applicant is also able to get in touch with certified project managers.

These certified professionals are really helpful in clearing doubts that rises while pursuing the certification.

PMI 2016 yearly report has demonstrated the outcome that there are more than 740,000 professionals spread on the planet. Still, there are more to come. These institutes mastermind gatherings at numerous spots with the goal that the individuals come here and get more information about the project management industry and system.

These gatherings likewise help the PMPs to set up proficient improvement units to restore the certification. The systems administration sessions give openings for work to the professionals.

The authorities allocate time for the associations to put the openings for work. PMPs can likewise manufacture on the web and disconnected communities to find out about career opportunities.


Currently, there are many individuals and experts from the general population who wants to apply for the PMP exam. Different associations plan these prerequisites. The requirements are given below:

    • The high dimension of involvement for a great many hours ought to be accomplished.
    • 60 months of involvement with a partner’s degree is essential for legibility.
    • Three years of work involved for an individual having a four-year certification.
    • An audit is likewise led to check the trustworthiness of the candidates who have connected for the PMP test.

On the off chance that PMP is referenced in the resume, at that point the employers definitely realize that the applicant has done diligent work to accomplish this certification.

What after Completing PMP Certification?

Freedom to Work Anyplace

PMP certification is universally acknowledged, and the applicant gets an opportunity of working anywhere after successfully completing the certification. Once the applicant becomes a PMP certified professional, then the applicant has an opportunity whether to tell or not, about its ability and experience to employers.

Increase in Pay

The candidates who hold PMP certification avail higher salary. In the case of fresher, they will be enlisted with high pay in contrast with the individuals who have not done the certification.

Even, a study shows that the professionals with the certification receive 17% more salary than the professional with no certification.

Market Scope

PMP professionals can join a worldwide community or gathering, and they will interact with numerous different professionals who can manual to look for a vocation.

Over the internet, various sources are using which PMP professionals around the globe can interact. A professional can also join global communities or forum which are available online.

It helps them to take useful guidance regarding problems or job searches from other professionals. They can likewise examine bits of knowledge, and offer their experience.

Better Job Opportunities

PMP professionals have more openings for work as the employers search for capable project managers and they know about the way that PMP certifications holders are substantially more skilled and persevering in contrast with non-PMP holders.

As per the survey, there are 80% of the projects are usually managed by PMP professionals.

Challenging Projects

The PMP certification enhances the applicant’s skills which helps them when there is any Challenging project. Whenever any difficult project comes in the organization; a PMP certified professional can perfectly manage it.

They have the commitment to dealing with such projects and as they have understanding and information about taking care of them.

Candidates who are qualified for the test need both experience and training and the guaranteed proficient has the skills of coordinating such projects.

Those applicants who are eligible to participate in the exam require both education and experience. And such skills of certified professionals are helpful in directing project in the right direction.

Better Project Performance

Project managers who don’t have PMP certification do not have the productivity of performing better in contrast with the PMP confirmed professionals. Further, in the PMP exam, applicants are analyzed based on management processes that include:

    • Initiate
    • Plan
    • Execute
    • Monitor
    • Control and end project

This causes the manager to end up producing in all the management procedures, and he can perform better similarly.

Analyzing applicant using the management processes makes them efficient in handling all the managerial processes. As a result, the applicant can perform better.

With passing day, the demand for PMP certified professionals is trending demand in the market. It is because the certified professional can manage critical and complex projects.

These professionals are familiar with all the managerial processes that help them to manage project deliver successfully. The interest of professionals is expanding, so individuals are making a decent attempt to pass the PMP certification effectively as it is intense.

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