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#Hum MBA Karenge !!

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Pursuing An MBA – My Cherished Dream

Attaining higher education levels is an important part in today’s business world. This makes pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration so crucial for a successful career in business.

First my knowledge of global business and economics will certainly change. Enrolling in MBA overseas, will give me a chance to get out of my own sheltered bubble and learn about what really goes in other parts of the world through my classmates and teachers. There will be life changing lessons and learnings which could change the way I see the world. An MBA will also help me increase my knowledge in areas I previously knew very little about. Lastly an MBA, I believe can change my approach to my professional career.

To pursue an MBA from a top university in US or Western Europe is my cherished dream. The whole experience of travelling to foreign land, making new friends, adapting to the new environs and managing this drastic change is sure to carve a finer personality out of me that should help me with landing a good job with relative ease. In this competitive world it is important to distinguishing oneself from others. Apart from college lessons I would then be having personal experience of situations which can help me at the interviews. An MBA will let me work extensively in the field of my interest and passion and I will have a bunch of enthusiast like – minded friends who can be source of mutual learning. The best thing about pursuing an MBA is that you get a chance to back to the college. No other place in the world can create lifetime memories. Those two years would be a time to cherish for entire life.

In today’s world the most preferred degree is MBA which is also recognized worldwide. It is the best option for the one who wants leadership and the role of a manager. MBA degree teaches one the nuances of business techniques, management acumen and leadership skills. Business schools in various countries offer MBA programmes tailored to meet the needs of different candidates such as full time, part time, executive and distance MBA courses with specialized concentrations. One of my friends who is now pursuing an MBA in HR shares the same views as mine. More than 50% of MBA graduates are holding senior manager or board director post.

In the end it can be concluded that an MBA has become very important for a person’s career. It is not just a degree but a course that can improve one’s character. MBA promises a successful career but at the same time offers larger scope for social service and economic development of a country. In order to live life for the betterment of my fellow countrymen and make India a proud

nation, I would pursue an MBA –  Hum MBA Karenge!!!.

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