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Hyper Love, the psychic sustainability

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Hyper Love, the psychic sustainability

We have a few decades left. Because of pollution destroying the habitability of the planet, and overpopulation skewing the people to resources ratio, we have until 2030 to 2100 to do anything about it. 2030 is one of the earlier estimates of the environment going beyond breaking point after which there will be no possibility of recovery.

That is not an impossible challenge. Pollution can be solved. However it becomes a bigger problem when coupled with overpopulation. It is easier to manufacture gas propelled cars for the masses than to produce electric cars from an economic perspective.

That too is not a impossible  challenge. It is hopeful that bigger investments in research and technology can create a non-polluting economy. But when you consider that the industries and nations built on these industries will never back down on cheaper conventional production which are polluting, it becomes a political problem.

And so on, if we look deeper into this political problem we see that it is actually a social problem. These people are afraid of each other more than they are afraid of human extinction. If we look deeper into this social problem, we see that it is actually a personal problem. A person who is unskilled, untalented, poor and emotionally unstable is the source of social problems.

Simple problem: Because of technology inevitably, there will become less and less jobs for the population. This is not just the poor people’s problem. The business class has no customers. More importantly a big chasm between the Haves and the Have-Nots creates mental problems on both sides. If the nation creates a basic income for everyone who is unemployed, and taxes the business classes excessively to manually bridge the wealth gap, now you have simply shifted the problem from Economics to Personality. How do unemployed, unmotivated people spend free cash and who in the government gets to keep the excess tax?

Unless we solve our personality problems we cannot hope for a rescue from our current predicament as the human civilization.

On the other hand, if we solve our personality problems today we can even achieve the lower margin of 2030 to solve all our problems.

I am Kuelf. I have been working on my own personality problems for almost six years now. My problem is bad memory. It is difficult for me to remember names. I even forget if I just had dinner and it is also difficult for me to understand if I am hungry or not. Once when I was young, I forgot about celebrating my birthday with my class until five days later.

This problem is so severe that I cannot remember my physical skills and it took me a lot longer to learn a sport. I cannot even retain emotions for long and after a shocking or exciting event, I immediately regain my passive expression.

Normal people build their personality based on the events in their life that shaped it. To be able to do this, it is prerequisite to be able to remember the events. In my case, my personality whatever it is, is built on the events of only the past few weeks. On long term, it is almost like I don’t have a personality at all.

So when I realized my problem, and that without a personality, I cannot have any motivation to live or do better in life.

I was looking for a short code (like a computer code) for my own mind.  It had to be as short as possible, because I cannot remember long and also because an elaborately detailed personality will never work.

It is an old saying “No battle plan survives the first contact with the enemy”. It means any plan you come up with for your life, like waking up early, being disciplined, working as hard as possible is not going to last as long as your lifespan. This is because the world is incredibly energetic and changing.

Thirdly, I believe the whole arrangement of the universe begs for such a psychic solution to exist. As a god, you cannot create a world with life and have them eliminate each other. The solution just needs to be found.

Now, I was looking for a short code of conduct to focus on that’ll shape my personality for the best.

I tried a lot of different codes of life in these six years. The earliest were as simple as being confident and smart. At halfway through, I was using “1=1” as the code because it is the the most fundamental unit of logic. I also tried “anything new”, “hard work”, etc. and I tried each and every one to the farthest I can. Eventually the wrong methods/codes reveal their shortcomings. ‘Confident and smart’ gives no way to be confident or smart. ‘1=1’ is too insignificant to deal with life. ‘New’ is endless and self-destructive. ‘Hard work’ either falls short of energy or of time; and eventually both.

There’s a separate document regarding these failed methods. Years of Research.

Somewhere along the way, it occurred to me that when I do discover the Code of life (the perfect one) I could give it out to people and the total effect of everyone solving their problems using the Code will create a Paradise on earth. The research and experimentation had a punishing toll on my own life. I would tell myself, that this is not for me but for others, and that kept me going.

By March 2016, I had been using ‘Hard work’ as my code for the past two months. ‘Hard work’ meant constantly increasing the intensity of my work-schedule so that it was constantly hard and never felt normal. I had to give it up because, the pain was increasing incredibly and my performance was worsening instead of improving. By now I had tried every conceivable method of life. I figured that the only reason hard work was not working well was because I was getting stressed. I figured the problem may lie in emotions. Until now, I always thought the solution would be something about thoughts or ideas. I didn’t think emotions would have any power. But now I had tried every single idea. So I decided to focus on emotions before completely giving up.

On the third day, I was randomly trying out focusing on emotions, when I focused on love. The feeling of love. I noticed it had a sudden powerful effect on my mind. It felt like love was unifying all my thoughts, and feelings. I had never experienced this with any of the other codes. For the next few months I daily put some minutes in focusing on the feeling of love. I learned a lot of things and it cleared up a lot of my concepts.

Thoughts are too slow compared to emotions. Emotions can control you stronger and faster than thoughts can ever. It is like a sugar-addict being scientifically explained that sugar is bad for him, and he continues eating sugar. You can make the most logically perfect plan. In fact, the more logically perfect it is, the easier a single emotion can destroy it.

If there’s nothing as powerful as love in our mind, there’s nothing more power than love outside our mind. Political power, technicalities, money, justice, skills are insignificant compared to love. That is not saying you don’t need power or money if you have love, but if you have love, power and money is easier to get.

In a way, love was more powerful than reality. All my previous Codes tried to understand reality or adjust to it, but love was bending it.

Now, I needed to figure out a way to weaponize love, so that we can manipulate its power for our personal benefit. In July 2016, I theorized that if I forced myself to love my life as much as I can, I will care about it and I will naturally do better in life.

Now, all people love their lives. But this is about fully focusing on that one idea “loving one’s life” so that that idea will automatically influence every thought and action we take.

You might say that Dedication, Discipline also do the same. But those methods are not able to control our emotions. It takes a lot of stress and time to get the discipline and because it takes stress and time, discipline will never suit life. But Love can instantly control your emotions and your thoughts maximally. That is why Love is the most powerful tool.

So, I tried this. I forcefully made myself love studies to get better at them and I forcefully made myself love exercise to do it better.

It worked but only temporarily. I realized that while I was using love to love other things, I was constantly running out of love. It was like loving some person who doesn’t love you back and that is very draining on our mind.

In December 2017, I felt very  drained out. I had to figure out a way to use love without running out it. So, I built Hyper Love (Or Weaponized Self Love). Hyper Love is the final solution.

Hyper Love simply meant loving yourself. Now a lot of people say they love themselves. But Hyper Love is a mind code. You have to take time out of your day, and intently focus on loving yourself.

You are supposed to sit down for two or three minutes. Get rid of distractions. Now you should focus your mind, every piece of your mind, on loving yourself. You have to focus it as intensely as possible. When its over after two or three minutes, Hyper Love will become a dominating influence on the way you think or feel, because you focused your mind on it.

This will strongly adjust the way you think in a way that’s best for you.

Secondly, using your own powerful ability to love something and redirecting it back to yourself, it is highly empowering. Because love is more powerful than reality, using Hyper Love is like creating a psychic attraction field around you. This psychic attraction attracts reality towards you, making it work better for you. That is the visualization of using Hyper Love.

By regularly focusing on Hyper Love, preferably for a few minutes in the morning, and continuously increasing its intensity, over time, your whole mind is indoctrinated with Hyper Love’s power. Hyper Love will continuously maximize your learning capability. Visually, Hyper Love attracts all the knowledge towards you. This is not limited to any certain knowledge. You can use this to learn emotions, sports, music, technical subjects, psychology, workout, the economy etc.

There is nothing in the world that cannot be bent by Hyper Love. This guarantee that you can master anything at all using Hyper Love is very emotionally empowering. Just start focusing on Hyper Love regularly, and your intelligence will max out even before you start noticing it.

Hyper Love indirectly and directly deals with all mental diseases like stress, OCD, depression, etc. First and foremost, since love is the most important thing people care about, making it work for yourself solves 99% of your mental anxieties. Secondly, the added advantage of maximum intelligence further fortifies your mind against stress.

Note that maximum intelligence is not maximum knowledge. Maximum intelligence is the max ability to get more knowledge.

Now, there is more I can explain about Hyper Love, but all it’s magic is in application. So, start using Hyper Love (if you have questions reread the article). You will get the benefits incredibly fast.

Now, I want to come back to the start of this article where I was talking about putting an end to the problems of our civilization.

Hyper Love solves personal problems instantly and maximally. This perpetually solves social, political problems and therefore, builds the foundation to solving our poverty, pollution and overpopulation problems.

But a better way to visualize this is that Hyper Love has a psychic influence. People using Hyper Love create a psychic attraction around them, and are able to influence people around them easily. I believe this because of Love’s ability to bend reality. People in general are sensitivity to love in any form. One person using Hyper Love can take advantage of this and influence people in his favor.

Now imagine a lot of people using Hyper Love and trying to influence everyone else, while at the same time, having max intelligence, this results in everyone being influenced in favor of everyone’s good.

A person  using Hyper Love has got rid of his mental problems. Hyper Love is controlling his thoughts and emotions to work better for him. His intelligence is maxed. Eventually through regular workout, diet and good habits, people using Hyper Love tend to look more attractive. This contributes to their already maxed out charisma, flirting skills, and psychic attraction, making people who use Hyper Love all-round masters of influencing other people. This influence continuously strengthens with time.

You can trust that when Hyper Love is popularly used, the influence on each person is overcoming.

But what for, should we have everyone under influence?  We can get pro-environment, pro-humanity Bills passed in the government. In a lot of cases, power inequality has protected factories causing pollution and the profit has protected only the owners from this pollution. It will easier to pass the appropriate laws when the influence of Hyper Love overcomes personal greed.

Hyper Love not only influences the Haves (Power classes) in favor of the whole humanity, but it also influences the Have-Nots (Labor classes) in favor of humanity.

There have been many cases where the Haves created programs for the benefit of the Have-Nots and, the Have-Nots abused it. For instance, if the government were to make food free of cost, the Have-Nots would abuse it by over-consumption or lowered production. If the government created free income for the unemployed, the Have-Nots would become sluggish in their productivity.

Empirically, every time, humans tried to collaborate and establish paradise, they were disappointed by the bad personalities of people.

If one country controlled its production and paid its employees well, another country will overproduce, slave its labor class to create cheaper products and ruin the other country’s economy through export of cheaper products.

Unregulated lending of banks has crashed the markets harder and harder every time, wiping out public savings, weakening the currency, and making the rich further richer. This happened because its simpler for people to work greedily than to work harmoniously.

Country A can’t collaborate with Country B to reduce military expenditure because Country C will crush them both given the chance.

Meat production and the animal industry accounts for major percentages of air, land, and water pollution. On the other hand, veganism is hard to market against thousands of years of meat eating.

Overpopulation is the greatest obstacle to solving poverty and pollution. Do we build a factory? Do we shut down factories? If we lower the population, we can have both the factory and the forest. But people of certain religion/ethnicity promote rapid population growth so that their religion/ethnicity will overpower others.  In poor countries, small family businesses have more children to work for them, so that they don’t have to hire people.

So if a part of the population which understands the need to lower population reduces its birth rate, it will get outnumbered by the other part of the population that does not want to reduce birth rate. So now we lose all the smart people.

It is necessary to solve our problems just in time that we establish some kind of psychic influence over the people.

For that, someone should look for a certain code that can unlock human potential, solve personal problems and at the same time, make the person think for the good of the world.

I discovered Hyper Love in an attempt to solve my own problems and improve my performance.

The deal with Hyper Love is this : It will help you with your problems and your ambitions, but it will make you care a lot about the greater good.

Starting with a few people who use Hyper Love, it can be shared and rapidly popularized to cover a great portion of the human population.

I intend to use Hyper Love to reduce the human population by awareness and birth control. People reading this article for knowing how to use Hyper Love can also read this. A declining population will mean that humanity will have resources, or products built by a larger population being served to a lower population, creating an age of abundance. This could mean practically free food, housing, education, travel and at the same time, there won’t be a scarcity of jobs. A lower population is easier to cure and protect, which will mean lesser epidemics and an overall healthier population.

The reason we cannot do the same with a large population is that we are limited by the natural resources of the earth. The simplest measure of an economy’s prosperity is the ratio of its people to its natural resources.

By reducing the population, we lower the consumption of resources for basic needs like food, clothing, shelter and we are left with more resources for advanced needs like scientific research or space exploration.

With more resources per person, and greater international harmony, we can produce more hybrid human children i.e. children of parents of distinct ethnicity or nationalities. Such children are theorized to be further evolved and have better characteristics.

I am currently using Hyper Love myself for my objectives. I am sharing it with people, answering questions and I expect that people will be able to benefit from it for their personal purposes, so that they can share it to more people.

The best target would be to cross a billion users before 2025 which would guarantee drastic global change before 2030. If I fail to meet this target, it would mean critically falling short of time, at which point, it was all of little use.

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