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IELTS Reading test – Basics you should know

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If you are confused whether to read the IELTS Reading passage first or the questions, experiment with both the strategies and see which one works best for you. Many students find that it helps to skim through the questions first to get an idea of what to pay attention in the passage. This method might work for you too as well, but honestly, it depends on a number of factors. And these factors include how well or how quickly you read, the type of questions, how difficult the questions are, how much time you have in hand and so on. So, it doesn’t matter what the teacher recommends, or what your friends did. Try both ways while practicing for the IELTS Reading test and see what works for you the most.

Read the IELTS Reading instructions carefully before you start with the test. Some candidates think they will save time if they skip this part which is absolutely not recommended. The instructions provide critical information about how many words the answer should comprise of, what exactly you require and so on. This actually helps you save time because once you have read the instructions you are clear about what you need to do in the test.

Mostly, you will find the questions following the order of the information in the reading passages. This will help you find the required answers very quickly.

You will lose marks on each word that you misspell so pay attention to the spellings while writing in short answers. Also, take care while copying words from the text.

If you think that only finding the answers to the questions matters then you are wrong! Grammar counts too. So you need to pay attention to this aspect as well while preparing for the IELTS Reading test.

For the questions where you are asked to complete the sentence, focus on the meaning to select the right answer.

Make sure you do as many as possible practice tests to familiarize yourself with the test format, the types of questions asked and the level of difficulty. Taking practice tests are also a good way of practicing time management. The more practice tests you solve, the easier it will be for you to read the IELTS Reading passage and find the relevant answers to the questions quickly.

You need to read widely from a variety of sources to strengthen your general reading skills and enrich your vocabulary.

You can look out for key synonyms used in the passage and the text, to help you identify where to find the answer quickly. Well, this might not work always while answering the questions. You will still have to read that part of the session well and then go ahead with the answer.

Pay attention to the instruction and use only the stated number of words in your answer or you will lose marks. Articles “a, an and the” also count as a word.

Try out IELTS Ninja’s comprehensive course for the IELTS Reading Module to avoid such mistakes. Visit IELTS NINJA- SpecializedAcademicReadingPreparation for IELTS Reading Academic & IELTS NINJA- SpecializedGeneralReadingPreparation for IELTS Reading General.

If you think you’re ready to take the actual IELTS test, think twice. Taking the IELTS test without proper preparation is a certain way to fail and have to take the IELTS test over and over again. Instead, take a full-length IELTS mock test at Preptical and know your exact band score.

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