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IELTS Writing test – 20 words you should know

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This lesson is specifically about improving your vocabulary. It is important to have a flexible use of vocabulary as the examiner is looking for this in the IELTS Writing test. Good IELTS writing vocabulary is essentially important for candidates who want to achieve a band 7 or higher. In order to improve your range of vocabulary, we have put down some important words that you may find in the IELTS writing test along with their meanings and examples. Go through the 20 words given below:

1. Affectation
Noun – pretended behavior to make an impression
Example – There was no affectation in this; but much genuine, innate pride.

2. Complacent
Adjective – contended
Example – The man on the stump said nothing; he only looked on with complacent enjoyment.

3. Concomitant
Adjective – contributing, accompanying
Example – Productive industry and its concomitant of distributive industry cover the major field of human life.

4. Culpable
Adjective – responsible for action
Example – Would I then be culpable for not speaking of that of which I am myself ignorant?
This, as I know from culpable personal experience, is a fault.

5. Depravity
Noun – corruption, immorality
Example – Though I believe one reason of their depravity is the badness of the actors.

6. Espouse
Verb – stand up for, support
Example – We shall see some of these days which side the President will espouse.

7. Galling
Adjective – very upsetting
Example – It was galling to discover that he could not do as he promised.

8. Hallmark
Noun – symbol, authentication
Example – The tendency to detail, which is the hallmark of realism, constitutes decline.

9. Ignominious
Adjective – humiliating, offensive
Example – Money was at the bottom of all his difficulties, and drove him to the most ignominious shifts.

10. Nefarious
Adjective – bad, sinful
Example – They were probably out on the trail pursuing their nefarious calling.

11. Nonchalant
Adjective – easygoing, laid back
Example – Jerry had calmed down suddenly and assumed a nonchalant pose.

12. Mitigate
Verb – check, diminish, lighten
Example – Here are a few ways to mitigate problems and frustrations.

13. Perpetuate
Verb – keep going
Example – Of course she cannot perpetuate or transmit such rights – if rights they can be called.

14. Propensity
Noun – inclination, weakness
Example – Let the young avail themselves of this propensity, and make the most of it.

15. Reconcile
Verb – make peace, adjust
Example – They are welcome to their opinion if they can reconcile it with the facts which I have to tell.

16. Scapegoat
Noun – a person who takes blame for
Example – Our people are so angry and frustrated about being used as a scapegoat that they are going to continue to engage in this battle.

17. Supersede
Verb – take the place of, override
Example – And now we proceed, until our critics volunteer to supersede us.

18. Ludicrous
Adjective – absurd, ridiculous
Example – A most ludicrous incident occurred during our march that night.

19. Latent
Adjective – dormant, hidden
Example – Have to investigate myself, and learn what my latent talents are.

20. Tenacity
Noun – stubbornness, diligence
Example – I was somewhat irritated at the tenacity of this amiable diplomatist.

These are just a few words that will help you improve your range of vocabulary. To learn how you can improve your vocabulary you can read:

Interesting ways to help you improve vocabulary

Not only it can help your writing but also your speaking & reading. All these vocabulary words are covered during our training courses. Not only we provide vocabulary help in the writing session but also in all the training sessions we provide. Once you’ve practiced IELTS writing, take an online IELTS mock test to know your IELTS writing band score.

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