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Image Consulting Over Other Career Options – Mind-blowing Perks and Scope

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Almost all industries in the 21st century are embracing innovation and a huge part of the revenue generation is dependent on customer communication and experience. This has made soft skills and personality enhancement the need of the hour.

People now understand that it is important to make positive first impressions to be able to make an impact. And this has led to an enormous growth of the Image Management industry in the 21st century, making it an INR 624 crore huge.

However, more and more people are opting for image consulting and soft skill training courses for not just catering to the demand for Image Consultants, but to build something of their own which is lucrative, respectful, and safe.  Image consulting is fast becoming the preferred career over other career options.

Perks of Choosing Image Consulting as a Career

Age No Bar 

We have all come across people in our life who couldn’t pursue what they were really good at just because they couldn’t meet the age criteria. However, image consulting does not require you to fall in a certain age bracket. Either you’re 17 or 70, you can opt for any of the image consultancy courses and get certified. All you need is the passion to change lives.

Multiple Career Options 

A certified Image Consultant has a world of opportunities to explore and choose from. You can become an expert in one field or choose to don many hats as opportunities present themselves. What majorly draws people towards this profession is that all these career opportunities just require a single certification. Here are a few of the many professions you can juggle between:

  • Celebrity Stylists
  • Public Speaking Coaches
  • Etiquette Consultants
  • Body Language Experts
  • Personal Stylists
  • Soft Skills Trainers
  • Corporate Trainers, etc.

No Academic or Career Background Required 

Whether you’re a student, an IT professional, a banker, an artist, or even a homemaker, you can apply to an image consulting institute and become a full-time Image Consultant. You just need to ask yourself these questions before enrolling in an image consulting course –

  • Do I possess a good sense of style?
  • Do I possess good communication skills?
  • Am I a confident speaker?
  • Do my friends seek my advice before going for an interview?
  • Do I like staying up to date with the fashion trends?

If you nodded in a Yes to all these questions, then think no more and enroll in an image consulting course.

No Salary Constraint 

Image Consultants get to work with not just professionals in various industries but also with the elites. Certified Image Consultants can charge from INR 10,000 up to INR 100,000 for a day. The salary you make depends on your skills and the ability to reach out to the right clients.

Flexible Working Hours 

Image Consulting is an ideal choice for people who covet a perfect work-life balance. It doesn’t require you to work from 9 to 5 behind a computer screen. You can work for 10 days a month or 10 hours every day; no one can fire you.

Set Up Your Own Business 

It allows you to establish your own image consulting or soft skills training firm. Hence, image consulting is ideal for people who wish to become their own bosses and change lives.

Work in an MNC as a Professional Consultant 

Every industry is in dire need of professional trainers and image consultants to train their employees. Hence, a certified Image Consultant can join huge MNCs and work as a full-time Professional Consultant.

Work with Public Figures and Celebrities 

Certified Image Consultants can work as celebrity stylists, personal luxury consultants, personal shoppers, etc. and upgrade their own lifestyle at the same time. And all this is possible with just one certification.

Image Consulting Business Institute

ICBI is the pioneer of Image Consulting in India and the leading brand in the world. It certifies its students in accreditation association with the most reputed national and international academic alliances. Moreover, ICBI offers practice with real clients as a part of its programs and is the only Image Consulting Institute that offers a complete business enablement program.

Ready to put an end your quest to a stable life?  Click here and discover the most reputed and strategic courses offered by ICBI.

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By Suman Agarwal

An award-winning Image Management Professional, Suman Agarwal has helped students, home-makers, women on sabbatical as w...more

An award-winning Image Management Professional, Suman Agarwal has helped students, home-makers, women on sabbatical as well as people seeking second career alternatives to explore Image Management and Soft Skill Training as a vibrant professional choice. She frequently writes blog posts about the urgent need of image consulting professionals and soft skill trainers in the 21st century and loves guiding people in exploring lucrative career options. Write to her at [email protected] to seek advanced career guidance. less

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