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Importance of English in Everyday life

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The mighty pen

I have always loved reading books. The texture of fine print on processed wood  has always called out to me.  The smell and the touch of the hardbound and paperback feels divine to me. Words, stories, and poetry have shaped me as a person to a great extinct. Being a voracious reader all my life, I knew English was something I wanted my senses to indulge in. So, for me deciding on my graduation course wasn’t a humongous task; English literature it was. Even before the journey started, I was already in love with the words and the mesmerising world of literature. But, it wasn’t a smooth daydream. The question of no future always pricked my bubble. From the very first moment when I declared my love for Chaucer, I found myself drowning in worries of my parents with ‘ab aage kya hoga?’ The ignorance about the versatility of this course and plethora of paths it offers simply disturbs me. It’s not simply a language but a long expedition that will mend the cracks and fissures of your personality, demolish your under confident bits, build your critical and analytical thinking and in the end leave you with the power of eloquence. So, if you’re someone who thinks Literature students are doomed, please read till the end.


Being a literature student, I can give insights into what happens within the four walls of an intellectually charged classroom. For us, every lecture is analytical and requires the uses of our critical skills. You’re not just reading a book, you’re breathing it. Once we pick up a text, we flip it a thousand times, so that we can almost see the author write it. It’s not just about picking up on the words, no. You pick up on concepts, abstract ideas, theories and various schools of thoughts. It’s a rigorous traverse with strategic time investment and consistent hours in the library.  One thing that I have felt is that nobody can teach you literature. It’s you, who perceives the text. The professor only gives you the base idea; it’s you who takes the idea ahead. We’re supposed to pen down what we feel.For academic writing, we have the liberty to express what we took home from our reading of a particular narrative. In fact, we’re expected to give our inputs.

I know, on the face of it, we’re just reading novels and its child’s play. But, it’s deeper than you think. When we travel back to the 16th century to do Spenser, we stroll into the woods of their lifestyles too. We not only understand the language but we’re looking at their socio-political and economic backgrounds too. This course trains you to scrutinize the situation from all the aspects possible. It forces you to think, to examine, to express, and to wonder. Pursuing literature equips you with the sword of words and metaphors.


A regular college day for us includes reading and engaging into mind charging debates. For us, everyday is a personality development session. I’m fully aware of the fact that to a lot of people literature seems simple, unproductive, and a waste of time. But the reality is it isn’t. On the other side of the tunnel, you emerge as an open minded individual with multiple perspectives on everything. Your mind is no more restricted to the mundaneness that exists; instead it’s filled with creativity and innovation. The ability to come up with ideas that are abstract and out of the box can take you a long way in this competitive world.  The drudgery of numbers is not the end of the world. You can pick up those skills side by side if you want. However, you can’t take tuitions to broaden your mental horizon. It’s something that you’ll develop over time. Over the course of three years, you’ll witness a metamorphosis. From being an ignorant or timid person to an intellectual and well read person. English honors is a voyage that transforms a person into a more sentient individual. This course equips you with the pre requisites for doing well in life.


The cherry on the cake? Even the career options are here to sway you to take up this course. After completing your course, you can land a job in almost any field. The corporate houses love students with a great command over the language. The legal system would happily offer you a job. English graduates are the darlings of publishing houses anyway. In short, there are so many options waiting for you to embrace them.

This course helps you to become your best version. This odyssey teaches you something that we never care to learn, it teaches you think. At the end of this expedition lover of books will become specialists in arts. I’ll end by saying that this course sharpens your brain in the most intellectually charged way possible. Don’t let the myths surrounding this course stop you from taking up something that’ll open doors to the world of knowledge for you.


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