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Importance of making Mind Maps for Students

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Whenever we think of studying hard, the idea of making topic-wise endless notes in some heavy, lofty registers and spiral bound diaries come to our mind. Whether it be the board exams, JEE, NEET or any other exam, it is very important to study in a smart fashion and remember everything related to the subject. And when we talk about methods of remembering things or enhancing our mind power, mind maps pop into the picture. Many academic experts believe that studying using Mind Maps, through proper practice, is one of the most effective and easy ways of remembering any text or figure.

What Are Mind Maps?

A mind map is a diagram to represent words, ideas, tasks or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea, using signs, symbols, abbreviations covering an entire topic in nothing more than a paper.

It acts as a visual thinking tool that gives a structure to the information, helping a student to better recall, analyze, comprehend, and helps in generating new ideas

Major and minor ideas of the main idea are branched out of or are connected directly to the central concept, and other ideas branch out from those. It visually organizes information and shows the relationships among pieces of the whole.

This pictorial method can record knowledge and can boost learning, brainstorming, memory, visual thinking, and helps in problem solving by educators, psychologists, engineers, and others.

It can be created with images and colors or only with words, the latter one more suitable to students. It can either be uses as rough notes during attending a lecture or during a meeting or planning session.Image result for mind map

Characteristics Of A Mind Map

  • The main idea, subject or focus comes at the very center position of the map.
  • The main themes flow from the central image representing its ‘branches.’
  • The branches are symbolic of the main ideas that connect to the central idea.
  • Topics of lesser importance are represented as sub-branching or ‘twigs’ of the relevant branch
  • Each branch contains and connects a modal structure connected to the whole structure.

How to make a mind map?

Image result for mind map

Sample Mind Maps for Competitive Exam Aspirants


With mammoth of study material, it is always better to make a mind map which can minimize the number of pages in your notes or while revising just before the exams. Although making mind maps for candidates preparing for competitive exams can be a tough job, but with regular practice, it can become an easy and capitalizing habit resulting in good grades.

Given below is a sample that reflects how we can utilize mind mapping technique in almost every subject to make the learning process easy, even if it is a topic as complicated as magnetism.

Note that in the map above the entire chapter is being encapsulated in just a single page. It has summarized it using diagrams, short notes, and arrows. Similarly, you can include this approach for other chapters as well. And this is how you can shorten your syllabus through this scientifically approved technique. (your already short NCERT textbook is now just one page long.)

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Importance of Mind Maps

  • Mind mapping increases the creativity and productivity of a student
  • Developing a mind map is one of the excellent ways for anyone to sort through the thoughts and ideas
  • It will help in categorizing and organizing the ideas brainstormed. It also identifies the relationships between different topics of the same subject
  • The use of colors, images, and keywords in mind mapping aids in enhancing your memory and retention

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