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Importance of Yoga Classes in Education

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Hours of sitting in the classroom or in the practical lab that continue even at home for completing homework can tense up the young body. Furthermore, peer pressure, parental pressure and pressure to prove themselves as good students adds flame to the fire. All these physical and mental pressures can be relieved when they take up yoga classes.

Yoga has reached young minds:

It is true that with the popularity of yoga these days, many young minds have started realizing the importance of learning yoga. They are very well aware of the fact that it can bring them a whole lot of benefits.

An irregularity in the body affects the mind and in the same manner restless and unpleasantness in the mind can show its effect on the body. The yoga poses provide an excellent massage to the organs and strengthens the muscles. Meditation and breathing techniques associated with yoga are capable of releasing stress and improving immunity.

All these things make yoga an important technique to learn among students. Here are certain reasons why yoga is important for children in their educational age, irrespective of whether the child is at his school or his/her college.

Overall academic improvement:

Stress is generally stated to be the major hindrance to educational achievements in children. But, the stress relief powers of yoga have been shown to boost the performance of students to a great extent. Here are studies that show the same:

An international journal of yoga study was conducted in the year 2009, where 300 students participated in judging the effect of yoga in lowering the stress levels. After 7 weeks of practicing yoga asanas, meditation, and breathing exercises, students registered a lower level of stress and higher educational performance.

In the year 2015, a study in the journal Evidence-based and complementary medicine, 95 students from high school level found that this technique was better than regular physical education classes in safeguarding them against a slide in the GPA or Grade Point Average.

Improved memory:

Not just in children, yoga is known to improve memory power to a great extent in adults as well. Here are reports of study to show the same:

In 2003, a study was conducted by the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, where 30 kids were divided into three groups. The groups are a control group, fine arts group, and yoga group. Kids in the yoga group were trained in cleansing rituals, meditation, breathing exercises, and asanas for 10 days. Similarly, each group was engaged for 10 days in appropriate activities related to their group. The result was that the children in yoga group showed an improvement of 43% of their spatial memory test scores. On the other hand, the other group children did not show any improvement.

In another study conducted by the Journals Pediatric Physical Therapy, 108 school children were divided into 4 groups. Each group practiced a varied style of breathing exercises. The result was that each group saw an improvement in their spatial memory scores by about 84%.


For these reasons, yoga should form an important part of the education system. In addition to these benefits, this technique will also help with an improved attention span as well in students. This is something important for them to show improvement in their grade scores at school or college.

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Akshay Patni is an SEO Consultant at more than 50+ Platforms globally. Apart from it, he helps New Entrepreneurs and Blo...more

Akshay Patni is an SEO Consultant at more than 50+ Platforms globally. Apart from it, he helps New Entrepreneurs and Bloggers to achieve what they want less

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