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Indian Colleges Are Competing Globally

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top engineering colleges in India

In the present era, where the competition level has exceeded the boundaries of a nation and placed itself on the global platform. It is evident from the fact that no country can have a better edge without cutting-edge technological developments. In 1980’s, Japanese car manufacturing companies had flooded the market of the United States by introducing low cost and technologically advanced cars. The most famous car manufacturing company of the United States Ford Motor Company faced fierce competition in the United States itself. This manifests the need to survive in the race of technological advancement.


The technological development can only happen in a country when the technical institutions of that country stand to the level of other global institutions. Today, every engineering aspirant wants to study in an institution where they get an exposure of the latest technological developments so that they can have the opportunity to take the new developments to a new level. Some of the top engineering colleges in India occupies a place in the QS Global World Rankings that are listed below:

1) Indian Institute of Bombay (IIT-B):

The IIT-B is one of the prestigious institutes in India that is recognised worldwide for imparting education in the field of engineering and research. The reputed faculties of IIT-B are known for their research contributions internationally. In 2017 QS World Rankings IIT-B stands in the range of 51-100.

2) Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT-D):

IIT-D comes at par with IIT-B in 2017 QS World University Rankings standing in the range of 51-100. The IIT-D aims to make their students excel in scientific and technical education and research and to generate new knowledge by engaging them in cutting edge technological research.


3) Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT-K):

IIT-K offers comprehensive support for incubating startups by their students. The institute encourages their students to innovate and research to make them succeed in global competitions. This showcases the dynamic spirit of IIT-K. It also ranks in the range of 51-100 in 2017 QS World Rankings.


4) Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore:

IISc ranks in the range of 101-150 in the QS World Rankings. It is the premier institute of advanced technological and scientific research and education. This institute is the prime choice of students to pursue Postgraduation in technical education.

It becomes imperative to get the best technological education to meet the global standards. Check out more engineering colleges in India that stand at the global level.

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