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Is Asia an affordable study abroad alternative

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Education and Asia

For a very long period of time Asian countries have been marginalized on a global level and have been considered to be weak powers in the global political as well as educational scenario. But what has been maintained from over the years by people from all over the globe is that the Asian population is one which consists of the most hard-working people in the world. It is also a fact that the Asian students are highly intelligent been compared to students from the West, for example and have proven their metal at n number of instances. It has to be stated here that the lack of opportunities and the rather disturbing scheme of affairs in the Asian countries be it due to the wars or internal turmoil has made them slip into the realm of oblivion as far as the sector of education is concerned.

Changing Trends

Despite facing many hardships, Asia has been home to some of the greatest thinking minds in the world. Asia has given the some of the world’s leading systems of educational skills and has produced some of the finest teachers in multiple fields from all walks of life. Coming out of the history and whatever has happened in the Asian continent, things have moved on and have happened for the better. Countries in Asia have picked up very rapidly in the field of education and have now developed some of the finest highest higher education institutions in the world today. China can be said to be a world leader in education as it has some of the highest ranked National universities in its educational sector. India for that matter has also done wonderfully well in establishing finest educational institutions for higher education, but it can be said that there is a long way to go for the Indian education for movement.

Other countries in Asia such as Japan and South Korea have also proven themselves in the field of education and today the literacy rates in these countries is higher than even some of the European countries. Things are now moving towards getting better and better as the governments of Asian countries are deciding to invest more heavily in the educational sector.

Another wonderful case study of the development in educational sector comes from the country of Singapore. Singapore had been trodden and devastated by the after-effects of internal turmoil and Civil Wars, but it has picked up so wonderfully that today some of the highest ranked universities in the world in fields such as engineering and management are present in Singapore. The board has declared its intentions of increasing State investments in the field of education so that it can attract more and more international student crowd towards its National universities.

Education in South Korea

Any discussions regarding the educational advancements in the Asian continent will remain incomplete without the reference to the educational system operating in South Korea today. It is surely the best time to study in South Korea today. South Korea has given some of the better individuals in almost all fields in the world. The story of South Korea has been very impressive as it has climbed the ladder of educational awareness over the years. South Korea today has a very high literacy rate of up to 90 percent and around 70 percent of its adult population has received some sort of tertiary education as well. This is among the highest percentages in the world and has also left behind some of the European countries. It is a fact that South Korean universities are not addressing as large international student crowds as they should but if experts are to be believed then South Korea is definitely a force to reckon with in the International Education Market because it has some of the high quality educational institutions in Asia and is fastly picking up in its recognition at the global level.

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