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IT Auditors – What Do They Do and How Do You Become One?

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The job of IT auditors is quite similar to that of financial auditors; only the focus of the attention is not the books of accounts but the technology structure of the organization; its IT operations and how it can use information technology in a more efficient manner. IT auditors are required to have good analytical, communication, and management skills as well as the technical knowledge. These are indispensable to delve deep into the information technology infrastructure and system. In fact, ranks technology skills and communication skills as the top two qualities for auditors giving them almost equal importance. The following are the steps to becoming an IT auditor:

Acquire a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology

To have a successful career as an IT auditor, it is essential to first acquire a degree in Information Technology. Moreover, you also can graduate in Computer Information System or similar. Typically, these are four-year courses that include the study of business information systems development, enterprise process analysis, and design. These also involve the study of business database concepts and design, as well as project management.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Information Science will give you the appreciation of how computer systems and networks operate. It will also provide you with the knowledge on how to identify what is not working properly. This is in order to optimize their performance. It can be especially helpful if the bachelor’s degree program has a concentration in business. This is because only then you will be able to learn the fundamentals of organizational management, business behavior. Furthermore, you will also learn the principles of accounting so that you apply them to resolve problems relating to technology.

Many employers also expect candidates to be proficient in managing data and workflow design. It can be very helpful for students to complete internships while studying. Thus, they can get an idea of how real businesses work.

Gain Work Experience

The biggest challenge for prospective IT auditors is to get a meaningful job. Typically, they can expect to get employment in private and public sector businesses and organizations, consulting firms, government agencies, etc. Since most employers seek candidates with experience, those with at least a few internships under their belt are in a relatively better position. Some employers may give preference to candidates having certain specialized auditing skills or even exposure to accounting.

Obtain Certification

The next step for building a successful career in IT auditing is to obtain professional certifications like Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) or even the popular Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) both from the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). ISACA certification requires candidates to have a bachelor’s degree and some professional work experience. Certifications are necessary to keep you updated on the developments in information technology so that it is possible for you to audit them. These courses also help to meet continuing education requirements to keep professional certifications valid.


While the BLS does not provide data specific to IT auditors, it notes that the median income of information security analysts as $90,120 and a job outlook of 18% in the period 2014-24, the growth rate is faster than the average for other occupations. With the heavy focus on information technology in all aspects of business, the jobs of IT auditors are likely to be very much in demand.

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