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JEE Main: Pen and Paper Based Examination instructions

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JEE Main Paper and Pen Based Examination

JEE Main: Guidelines for Pen & Paper Based Examination

General Guidelines

These guidelines are the same as that for Computer Based Examination.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Five minutes before the commencement of the paper the candidate will be asked to break/open the seal of the Test Booklet. (S)He will take out the Answer Sheet carefully. The candidate should check carefully that the Test Booklet Code printed on Side-2 of the Answer Sheet is the same as printed on the Test Booklet. In case of discrepancy, the candidate should immediately report the matter to the Invigilator for replacement of both the Test Booklet and the Answer Sheet.
  2. Candidate will then write particulars with Blue/Black ball point pen only on both the sides of the Answer Sheet. Use of pencil is strictly prohibited. If one uses the pencil, his/her answer sheet will be rejected and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard. After completing this step, the candidates will wait for the instruction by the invigilator.
  3. The test will start exactly at the time mentioned in the Admit Card and an announcement to this effect will be made by the invigilator.
  4. The test will be of 3 hours’ duration.
  5. The test paper will be consisting questions of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics and all questions will have equal weightage.
  6. There will be three parts in the question paper consisting of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics having equal weightage.
  7. Each question is allotted 4 (four) marks for the correct response. One mark will be deducted for indicating incorrect response of each question. No deduction from the total score will be made if no response is indicated for a question.
  8. There is only one correct response for each question out of four responses given. In case, the candidate darkens more than one response for a question, one mark will be deducted.
  9. During the examination time, the invigilator will check Admit Card of the candidate to satisfy himself/herself about the identity of each candidate. The invigilator will also put his/her signatures in the place provided in the Answer Sheet on Side-1.
  10. The Ball Pens will be supplied to the candidates in the examination hall so they should not bring any type of pen/ball pens with them.
  11. A signal will be given at the beginning of the examination and at half-time. A signal will also be given before the closing time when the candidate must stop marking the responses.
  12. The candidate will check that the Test-booklet contains as many numbers of pages as are written on the top of the first page of the Test Booklet. The candidates should also verify the serial number and series of the Test Booklet with the serial number and series of OMR sheet. In case of any variation, the Test Booklet and OMR sheet should be immediately returned to the invigilator for the replacement with another set of same series available in the examination hall/centre.
  13. The candidates must sign twice on the Attendance Sheet at the appropriate place. Firstly, immediately after commencement of the Examination and for the second time while handing over the Answer Sheet to the Invigilator. The candidates are also required to put their left-hand thumb impression in the space provided in the Attendance Sheet.
  14. The candidates are governed by all Rules and Regulations of the Board with regard to their conduct in the Examination Hall. All cases of unfair means will be dealt with as per rules.


  1. The candidate will be asked to break the seal of the question paper five minutes prior to the commencement of the examination. The candidates should verify the serial number and series of the Test Booklet with the serial number and series of OMR sheet. In case of any variation, the Test Booklet and OMR sheet should be immediately returned to the invigilator for the replacement with another set of same series available in the examination hall/centre. See #1 and #11 of the previous set of instructions.
  2. The Side 1 of the answer sheet must be carefully and accurately filled with blue/black ball point pen, and use of pencil is prohibited. The following details must be filled:
    1. Roll number
    2. Name of candidate
    3. Father’s name
    4. Centre number
    5. Name of examination centre
    6. Signature of the candidate
  3. The Side 2 of the answer sheet must be filled accurately as above, with the following details:
    1. Roll number
    2. Centre number
    3. Test Booklet numbers
  4. Out of four alternatives for each question, only one circle for the correct answer is to be darkened completely with blue/black ball point pen only.
  5. Use Blue or Black Ball Point Pen to completely darken the appropriate circle, i.e. one circle for each entry. The answer once marked is not liable to be changed. Use of pencil is strictly prohibit If any candidate uses the pencil for darkening the answer sheet, his/her answer sheet will be rejected.
  6. A light or faintly darkened circle is a wrong method of marking and liable to be rejected by the Optical Scanner. So, the circle should be properly darkened.
  7. If the candidate does not want to attempt any question he/she should not darken the circle given against that question.
  8. The answer sheet must not be folded and no stray marks should be made on it.
  9. Any rough work must be done in the test booklet itself. Any marks on the answer sheet can lead to disqualification.
  10. Prior to handing over the Answer Sheet soon after the examination is over, the candidate must sign the attendance sheet as a proof thereof. The examinee is permitted to carry the Test Booklet.


  1. Persons removing pages from the test-booklet during examination, impersonating or trying to appear in the seat allocation process through forged means will be dealt with as per law.
  2. Canvassing directly or indirectly for the allotment of seats or influencing staff by unfair means would lead to serious consequences including disqualification of the candidates


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