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Know the Best Books for CSE To Prepare for GATE 2019

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Many aspirants consider GATE as one of the toughest examinations across the country. Also, nearly every single candidate aspires to crack the GATE CSE. Consequently considering the toughness and importance of exam, there are a lot of books recommended for it, by various institutions. However, referring to every book which runs in thousands of pages is quite a difficult task.

Meanwhile, GATE syllabus covers various topics and there are as many books for each topic which can leave the students completely obscure. Thus, selecting the right book is the crux of cracking the examination hassle-free. But we have made the task simple for you aspirants. Consequently, we suggest below-mentioned top 10 books along with the author name and a summarized description. Moreover, referring these books can make the preparation an easy climb towards success.

1. Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen

Author – Cormen

Firstly, this is one of the most recommended books for GATE CSE aspirants. It is for those, who find the understanding of the Algorithm part difficult. The books give a detailed view of Algorithms in a manner that is easy to understand using simple language. Most importantly, it covers all the aspects of the subject in detail making it a one-stop destination for GATE candidates.

2. Database System Concepts by Henry. F. Kroth

Author – Henry. F. Kroth

First of all, database study comprises of numerous aspects that includes SQL Queries, Serializability, Transactions, Algebra and much more. For this reason, the Database System Concepts makes the entire study simple for the student to grasp. Also, the author has explained each aspect with proper examples. He has also illustrated the implementation of the concept. The USP of the book is its diagrams that makes understanding the subject a simpler task.

3. Digital Logic & Computer Design

From classical techniques to the contemporary ones, the book is one stop approach on each concept. It also has a detailed descriptive explanation. Moreover, the book highlights the concept of register & transfer method. Consequently, this method makes it easier for aspirants of GATE to grasp the subject matter quickly.

4. Higher Engineering Mathematics

Author – B.S. Grewal

Firstly, the USP of the book is the way in which the author has dealt with each topic! Furthermore, the author has given proper examples and approached the problems in a classic way. The book covers all aspects from Matrix Determinant, Conditional Probability, Propositional Logic, Eigenvalues and much more. Lastly, the book explains each topic with proper examples making it the ultimate one for GATE studies.

5. Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools

Author – Aho & Ulham

It is the one-stop destination for students of GATE who wish to revise and strengthen their idea about software development, computer architecture and programming languages. The book deals impeccably with the aspect of problems faced by software developers in designing and developing architecture. Students gain a complete overview of the topic in a detailed and comprehensive manner.

6. Operating System Concepts

Author – Galvin

The author has touched each aspect of the changing operating world. From its fundamentals to the concepts of designing and construction, the book covers all. It doesn’t just deal into the basics but gives equal importance to the advanced techniques too in a comprehensive manner. Meanwhile, some of the aspects that this book covers are, storage management, processing, and memory. Also, the author has explained the special purpose systems, protection and security of data, what are distributed systems, etc. These are, in a nutshell, backed by examples, and by the concepts presented in a lucid manner.

7. Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach

Suggested by many toppers of GATE, the computer networking: A Top-Down Approach true to its name renders a complete overview of the subject. It carries each topic in a systematic manner starting with application-level protocols, on programming interfaces and lastly into the concepts of networking. The author has explained the topics keeping the student’s needs in mind. He has also highlighted its application in industries.

8. An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata

Author – Peter Inz

Written by Peter Inz, the book offers a detailed study of the concept in the simplest language without making it complex for students to understand. Written in simple English without hitting with technical jargons, it is the most recommended book by Experts and toppers of GATE for understanding Theory of Computation.

9. Computer Architecture – A Quantitative Approach

Author – David A. Patterson

The book comprises of six chapters in which the entire syllabus of computer architecture is covered in an impressive manner. The author has maintained a good connection between each chapter without running into tangents. What makes the book stand out is its concentration about two factors in architecture – parallelism and memory hierarchy that are explained to the core. The other highlights include fundamental concepts for accessing the cloud, working of software in various electronic products and much more.

10. Classic Data Structures

Author – Debasis Samanta

Listed among the top recommended books for GATE CSE preparation, the Classic Data Structures for students who wish to gain an intricate view about C programming and the related concepts. Considered the quintessential books for GATE Computer Science aspirants, the book highlights the programming methodology, data structures, and study of Computer Programming, C programming impeccably with the help of necessary examples and trends.

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